Abu-Dhabi’s Sovereign Firm Mubadala has Invested $1.2B in Reliance Jio


It seems like Mukesh Ambani is trying to collect the whole world’s money. Well, it is true, because he is signed deals one-by-one and collaborating with other biggest firms across the world. Yet another deal has come in the pocket of Mukesh Ambani.

Last month, Mukesh Ambani signs 5 deals back-to-back and with this morning, he signed his sixth deal with Abu-Dhabi’s Sovereign firm Mubadala. During this global pandemic, India’s biggest telecom operator Reliance Jio has stepped to success. The company Mubadala stated that they have invested $1.2B in Reliance Jio for a 1.85% stake in the firm.

Jio is the subsidiary company of Reliance Industries. Reliance Industries’ core works are OIL and Petrochemicals. Within the last seven weeks, Reliance Jio Platforms has boosted $11.5B. Mukesh Ambani had ties relationship with Abu-Dhabi in the second-half of 2016 which valued at $65B.

Mukesh Ambani gains the trust of Biggest Players in the Market

So far, Facebook, Silver Lake, Vista, General Atlantic, KKR, and the most recent one Mubadala has invested in India’s biggest telecom operator Reliance Jio. With the constant dealing of the world’s biggest firms, Mukesh Ambani has won a lot of trust from the biggest investors.

On this latest deal with Mubadala, Mukesh Ambani said, “Through his old standing business relations with Abu-Dhabi, he has seen the impact of Mubadala’s work in diversity and connecting UAE’s knowledge-based economy worldwide. He said that he looks forward to getting benefited from Mubadala’s experience and insights from supporting journeys and growth from the whole world.”

The managing director of Mubadala, Khaldoon Al Mubarak has stated that “we are very amazed that how Jio transforms the whole meaning of communication and connection in India in very less time. As an investor partner in Reliance Jio, this is our responsibility to give a massive boost to India’s digital growth. With this investment, we hope that this will empowers the digital economy of India across the world.”

Mukesh Ambani

In the mid of April, Facebook had announced a deal with India’s biggest telecom operator Reliance Jio. Facebook had invested $5.7 billion in Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio for a 9.99% stakes. Up till now, Reliance Jio is the biggest breakthrough telecom company in all over India. In India, Reliance Jio has more than 400 million customers. And after this deal, Mukesh Ambani hasn’t stopped for a single pause. He has had sign a back-to-back deal with the top firms of the world and still counting on.

During this tragic time, where most of the people, organizations, businesses are facing an immense financial loss. Contrary to this, Mukesh Ambani is working on collecting money or value from all over the world. With this new deal, Mukesh Ambani has a sixth deal in his pocket. Looking forward to more interesting investments in Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio.

This new deal gives us a glimpse of the entering of Jio in the abroad markets. And gives an opportunity to Jio to be the second-largest internet market. Apart from this, new reports have claimed that Amazon is thinking of buying the stakes in Bharti Airtel around $2 billion. Bharti Airtel is the third-largest telecom operator in India. Some other reports suggested that Google is also considering buying some stakes in Vodafone which is the second-largest telecom operator in India. Well, the new investments will help Ambani to overcome from the debts.