Access Everything on ChromeBook from Education to Game


The last few months have been a roller coaster ride for everyone. So many adventures and uncertain things have happened in our lives. For more than two months we have been stuck in our homes. Many businesses are getting collapse due to financial crisis. In this situation, Technology has proved the best approach in every possible field.

As we are stuck in our homes, dealing with work from home, online classes, and many more. In that case, Chromebook has been proved a massive assistant. Nowadays, most people are spending their time online. Some are doing work from home and some are taking online education classes. Doing video calls with the teachers, classmates, colleagues, executives is not an easy task as you have to stick on the high-speed internet connection. Now its time to forget all the worries, because a new Chrome OS upgrade can help you.

Many individuals are looking for the best tools that can perfectly manage their online activities. So, here comes a new Chrome OS update. This new upgrade enhances the two biggest improvements to Family link application. Family Link is an application that brings the good content to the kids. Family Link is a mode by which parents can set some rules for kids while accessing the digital world. By this parents can guide their kids good digital content.

Family link application notification

Andy Russell, Product Manager, Google Chrome, has stated, “We hope our new Chrome OS update can help. This update brings two new improvements to Family Link on Chromebook: access to Chrome Web Store extensions for kids and per-app time limits for Google Play apps. Family Link is an app that helps parents set digital ground rules and manage screen time across kids’ Android phones, tablets, and Chromebooks. Parents can use the Family Link app from their phone to set restrictions on which websites their kids can visit, set device time limits, and approve and install apps from the Google Play Store for their child’s account.”

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Now, parents can keep an eye on every activity of their kids with the help of the Family Link app and set restrictions, time limits, a per-app access time limit, approve or disapprove the apps for their kid’s account. And parents can do all this from their phones. The new two upgrades can improve productivity. Now, parents can give more personalized and productive tools to their kids by adding more powerful and useful extensions to the chrome web browser.

To add-up extensions, parents need to enter the password on the Chromebook. This new update lets the parents set the per-app time accessing limit for their kids. Thus, parents can balance the time of their kids between education and games.

If you are a new user to the Family Link app then here we’are suggesting you some importance of the Family Link app that you must keep in mind while using.

  • Firstly, get the app from the Google Play Store on your Chromebook.
  • View the new rendition of Kids tab to get the world’s best teacher recommended apps for education and entertainment.
  • With Google’s Be Internet Awesome tool create online security and teach your kids some digital fundamentals.
  • Switch on the Digital Wellbeing feature for controlling the screen temperature that slows down the blue light at night which is good for your Kids.

Family Link app lets you develop good digital habits in your kids. We can say that this new enhancement in the Family Link app lets parents keep a deep eye on every activity of their kids. Stay tuned with us to get more tech updates!