Access Google Meet Directly from your G-Mail Inbox


Due to lockdown, the usage of video conferencing is raising day by day. Many peoples use video conferencing platforms to stay connected with their loved ones across the world during these harsh circumstances. And many peoples who are doing work from home, use this for work purposes. Amongst all the screen sharing apps Zoom, Skype, Google Meet are the top-notch choice of every user. 

However, people avoid using Zoom now because it has earlier stole the data of its users. Google also takes every possible effort to help people in this tragic situation. Google has also teamed up with its rival Apple just to built coronavirus tracking tools to help people. This contact tracking tool is based on Bluetooth Wireless Radio Technology. With the help of this technology, individuals can warn each other if they’ve found any positive patient around them or their locality. 

Google has constantly released a new feature to its video conferencing platform Google Meet for giving a great experience to its users. The previous month, Google introduced the title-layout feature for up to 16 people, and this time Google has makes it a bit simpler and effective. Now, Google Meet has merged with the Gmail account, which means anyone can use Google Meet with their Gmail account. 

New feature ensures Google Meet has now merged into Gmail accounts which means now G-suite users no need to separately open-up the Google Meet to make a call. For using Google Meet, now the users will just have to log in to their Gmail accounts. And above the hangouts chat option, you will find a new option “Meet” on the left side of the window.  

Now you will find two options, first – Join a Meeting and second – Start a Meeting. You can choose any option as your preference. The person who will logs in with Gmail accounts can use all the features of Google Meet i.e., screen sharing, scheduling, title-layout, real-time captions, and more.  

Now Anyone can use Google Meet with their Gmail Account, Presently available to G-Suite Users

If you start a meeting the new window prompts up with the new safe special URL. And in case if you choose to Join a meeting then it allows you to enter the meeting code which is given by the organizer. You can also choose a nickname to a meeting and share it inside your domain so more and more individuals can instantly join your meeting. Currently, this feature is available for G-Suite users. However, individuals can access Meet free but for a limited time. That means, till 30 September you can access it free of cost but, after 30th September you have to pay for it. 

The company has stated, “With more and more people working and learning from home, we want to make it easier for you to connect and keep things moving forward. With Meet in Gmail, you can easily start or join a meeting in seconds. Our goal is to help you follow the flow of the day, seamlessly switching between email and video meetings—whichever form of communication you need.”

Usage of Meet Increased by 30 Times since January

Google has also reported that Google Meet is raising so fastly that the usage of Meet has increased by 30 times since January. And approximately 3 million users have added to Meet every day. The company also said that they are expanding the Meet so everyone can get a secure and reliable experience and making it available for more and more users across the world.  

As per sources, Google will also introduce more features at the end of this month, incorporating layout options, enhanced video quality, and background noise cancellation fitter. 

After seeing that Zoom is lagging to provide high-end security to users, Google makes various security measures of its users. Safety measures include when anyone will try to get into your meeting directly, it’ll notify you. And you can also schedule a meeting or invite to a meeting via the calendar. Well, we are looking forward to seeing the response of individuals towards Google Meet.