After Mitro, now one more wicket down from Google Play Store


Days back, Google had pulled back the Mitron app from the play store. Mitron app had been released to give the tough competition to the TikTok app and to slow down the ratings of TikTok. Now, after Mitron, Google has pulled back one more app named “Remove China App” from the play store.

After the grudgeful conversation, with China, the Indian government and Youth decide to boycott the Chinese products or apps. That’s the reason, behind getting slowing down the ratings of Chinese apps on Google Play Store. We’ve all heard about the cold war which had happened between TikTok and YouTube and still going on. This is the only reason why the ratings of TikTok had immensely got down a while back. Many people want to get TikTok banned in India as the TikTok app came from China.

Therefore, to fight with TikTok’s fame and give a tough competition India developed Mitron in early April this year. Mitron has the same interface just like a TikTok. And almost 1 million people in India have downloaded the app. But, this is shocking and unpredictable that Google has deleted the app Mitron from the Play Store. As per reports, it has been out that the Mitron app receives so many reports and spams. That’s why Google had taken it back.

Remove China App Interface

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What is Remove China App

As by its name suggests, Remove China App is the application that lets users delete all the Chinese firm apps on their phones. Remove China App delete apps by identifying the developer’s country and compares it with the repository database of Chinese apps. However, users who had already installed this app can be able to use this app as alike earlier.

That means, its removal doesn’t affect those users who had already installed it. But, those who are just about to install this app will surely get disappointed as they won’t find it on play store. Remove China App’s developer @onetouchapplabs has reported this on his twitter handle. Even, the company hasn’t any idea why their app got a suspension.

Why Google is doing so

After seeing two apps pull back constantly, everyone is in shock and thinking of that why Google is doing so. Google hasn’t revealed as well that Mitron and Remove China App will come back or not. And Google hasn’t given any appropriate reason behind taking back the apps. Normally, Google removes apps that are not associated with the Play Store’s policies. Many people think that Google did so to maintain the monopoly. A monopoly is a term where all things considered equal. That means Google did so after seeing the hatred towards the Chinese products or apps to maintain the monopoly or equal control.

As per reports, Remove China App has been installed by almost 1 million peoples in India just to follow one aim that is to eradicate all the Chinese apps on their smartphones. Even, until Tuesday, this app was the Top-rated Free app on the play store. Well, it is a very unexpected and mysterious move from Google. And nobody has any idea why this app has been taken out of the Play Store.