AI combat with deadly COVID-19 but shouldn’t harm the privacy


Coronavirus is spreading all over the world and destroy human life on massive amounts. Due to coronavirus, the economic crisis is also emerging. In this tragic situation, technology is playing an immense role to stop the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. Many apps, websites have been created to recognize the risk range of COVID-19.

If we comparing the data of countries, regions then, we came to know that South Korea has successfully slowed down the spread of the pandemic. To slow down the spread of coronavirus the country has developed various creative technologies as a preventive measure. Along with the frontline warriors, technology also emerges as a warrior to combat the deadly virus.

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South Korea successfully slowed down the spread of COVID-19

The United States and Europe are still looking for that preventive measures to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Now, after observing South Korea’s consequences, the US and Europe are also turning to use AI tools or applications to slow down the spread of coronavirus. These AI tools will helps public health officials and common individuals in every possible way.

The US and Europe are taking technology solutions to slow the spread of coronavirus. It is being assumed that the technology preventive measure can be a stick for the long term and help people endlessly. From contact tracing, symptoms tracing, giving information about every containment territory to help health professionals technology can be able to battle against the coronavirus epidemic.

Ministry of interior and safety of South Korea has also developed an app that shares the data of self-quarantined individuals with officials. That means, if anyone tries to cross the limit of their area the app notifies the officials directly. This much of deep monitoring could be a hindrance subject matter of privacy. South Korea is not alone in exploiting the benefits of personal data. Along with South Korea, Iran, Israel, Italy, Poland, China and numerous countries have used GPS data from various contact tracing applications that have been developed to stop the spread of coronavirus.

track stop the spread of coronavirus

These applications have been developed with AI and the latest machine learning technologies that monitor every activity of the user. These applications not only keeping an eye on the activities but also prophesy the travel model, individuals’ immune strength, and many more. Many companies are developing innovative applications, websites, coronavirus community hub to stop the spread of coronavirus. The two big tech crakers Google and Apple have also worked together to build the coronavirus contact tracing app. This contact tracing application will provide reliable and authorized information. Whenever, individuals will come up in the contact of infested people app will automatically alert them. Though, Google and Apple have chosen to drop the idea of using location in contact tracing application. Because of privacy, they have decided so. Rather than the location, they are using Bluetooth wireless technologies to track the whereabouts of individuals.

Facebook has always remained an ace of the deck during its efforts to reduce the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. Facebook has develops the coronavirus community hub to identify the risk factor. This hub helps the public authorities and common people by providing the latest information related to COVID-19. It is pretty well to use innovative technology to reduce the spread of coronavirus. But at the same time it is wrong if the technology hinders your privacy or shares your data with others. Privacy matters a lot for every person. AI and machine learning new robust technology can surely slow down the spread of coronavirus. But, shouldn’t leak the personal data.