Oh Yeah! Amazon Launches Prime Video Cinema Hub


As theaters are closed till the government’s next instructions and as per safety concern, most of the studios chosen to postpone the new releases, such as No Time to Die, Mulan, F9, A Quiet Place Part 2 and so on. Good News for quarantined people as Amazon launching Prime Video Cinema Hub. As per the safety concern of peoples, Amazon has chosen to launch another prime video platform that permits clients to watch the latest movies at their home. As per the spread of the novel COVID-19 epidemic keeps on unleashing ruin on Hollywood and the worldwide film industry.

Buy or Rent Currently Released Movies

Prime Video Cinema Hub permits you to purchase or rent recently released movies through its streaming services. This news comes only days after Universal Studios noticed that it would releases movies right now in theaters as $20 USD rentals to deal with the slow box office figures brought on by the epidemic.

This move denotes an interesting one for Hollywood, which is the first run through any significant studio has split away from a universal release cycle. It is incomprehensible or huge budget movies to be released before theaters, which frequently go through months in theaters before moving to advanced downloads and rentals, DVDs, and streaming.

NBC Universal said Tuesday it would make films accessible to rent online in the home, a similar day as their worldwide theaters releases due to coronavirus epidemic. iTunes will likewise offer the titles for streaming, rental and buy.

Current films offered through a New Hub Incorporate-

  • Pixar ‘s Onward
  • The Hunt
  • The Invisible Man
  • Emma

Pixar’s most recent film Onward is right now the first film that is available at $18.49 USD, with he others accessible for a 48-hour rental at a similar cost. Well, how this will affect the business of industry after the epidemic cools down is not yet clear.