Amazon’s Fresh Grocery Store supports Smart Shopping, lets you Checkout Instantly!


On Thursday, Amazon opened its Fresh Grocery Store, a newly designed supermarket that offers an effortless grocery shopping experience, doesn’t matter customers are shopping online or in-store. Moreover, it also offers free same-day delivery service for Prime subscribers. 

Amazon’s newly designed Fresh supermarket is located in the Woodland Hills, California nearby Los Angeles. The first-ever Amazon’s Fresh supermarket is 35,000 square foot common or regular grocery store. Moreover, the Fresh grocery store runs with Dash shopping carts that enable instant checkout as items enter the basket. Alexa stations equipped throughout the store so you can easily ask questions whenever you want. 

Amazon Fresh supermarket will also have a pickup and return policy. Most of the individuals are comparing Amazon’s Fresh Grocery Store with Amazon’s Whole Foods. But, Jeff Helbling, denies this completely and said that Fresh Store is completely different from Whole Foods. The Fresh store provides the most wider variety of items and fulfills different needs of customers, he adds.

Amazon's Fresh Grocery Store supports Smart Shopping 

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To use Cart, Customers need to open their Amazon Account

Customers can easily access the store by entering the traditional way, but in case, if customers want to use the cart then they require to open-up their Amazon account and swipe it. Amazon’s vice-president of the Fresh Stores, Jeff Helbling, said the shopping cart utilizes the compound of advanced computer algorithms, parameters, and sensor fusion to verify and match the items inside the cart.  

Amazon claims the cart will make a quick checkout without stand in a checkout line. Moreover, the customers who are using Dash Cart will be able to bag their individual groceries. Newly designed Fresh grocery store and the new checkout methods would change the traditional checkout forever, give a more fascinated approach to shoppers. 

Amazon has made its way in the food business in 2017 by acquiring Whole Foods and extended with the online Fresh store, which provides food delivery services as well as the in-store services. Moreover, it uses a smart shopping methodology that offers cashierless shopping. That means, in a store cameras monitor the purchases and make instant checkouts when a person insert items in the cart. 

Amazon opened the Go Grocery store in February in Seattle and expanded it. Prominently, the Go Grocery store focuses on local individuals who can go in and out to make purchases. And in between New York, Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco, there are almost 26 Go Grocery Stores. In the Fresh Grocery store, there will be Alexa set-ups in the store so, individuals who utilize Alexa to create shopping lists at home now can view their lists visually in the Dash Cart. For doing so, they just need to swipe-up their app to the cart. 

However, due to the spread of COVID-19, as of now Amazon opted for using a number of actions as prevention. Includes 50% limited capacity, whether customers or employees both are required to wear face masks while in the store. And employees will have to check their temperature on a daily basis while entering for a day. Customers will be provided with free disposable masks and a face shield as well. 

We all know that whenever Amazon launches the new product, initially, Amazon launched the product for testing purposes. Similarly, the Fresh Grocery Store is not available for everyone as of now. Initially, only invited people can come and shop the essentials. But, after the few months or at the end of this year local public can use the Fresh Grocery store in a normal way as well. 

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