Amazon’s Halo Fitness Band and App to Track Overall Health


Health & Fitness is something which we should be concerned about. Recently, Amazon released a new Halo fitness band and Halo fitness app to monitor every health activity. Halo App has been teamed up with the launch of Halo Band. 

Amazon’s fitness band “Halo” utilizes multiple sensors to generate the information required to power Halo insights which are enabled by AI (Artificial Intelligence). As for now, only US customers can request early access to Amazon Halo, with the Amazon Halo fitness band and six months Halo membership as well. Henceforth, six months of the Halo membership is available at the price of Rs 8,400 approximately, ($64.99). Unlike other fitness bands, Amazon’s fitness Halo band doesn’t have a screen. 

Halo band has a small sensor that incorporates a temperature sensor, heart rate tracker, multiple microphones, an LED light, button to on or off the microphones, an accelerometer, and many other functions. The battery of the Halo band lasts up to 7 days and fully charged within 90 minutes. Moreover, Halo band claims to be a water-resistive. 

Amazon's Halo Fitness Band and App to Track Overall Health

Halo App offers Fives Robust Features

Now, let’s switch to Amazon’s new fitness service Halo App. Halo App offers five robust features and that is- Tone, Sleep, Body, Labs, and Activity. All the features clearly show that the Halo app monitors every activity during the day and during sleep time at night as well. Amazon Halo App utilizes heart rate, temperature, and motion to estimate sleeping time and waking time. The sensors available in the fitness band permit constant sleep monitoring. And in the morning, the Halo app gives sleep average out of 100.  

Top on all, Amazon claims that privacy is the primary base to the Halo app, and multi-layers of the security and privacy are in-built into the app. The company said that well-being data is encrypted in the cloud and customers could be able to remove or download their data at any time whenever they want to do so. 

Recently, a few days back, Fitbit also released its new fitness wearables named Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Versa 3, and Fitbit Inspire 2. And claimed to be much better than others in terms of monitoring health. Moreover, the company stated that the new advanced fitness trackers would be able to track early COVID-19 symptoms. And now, after some days, Amazon launches its new fitness band and app along with it. In this pandemic phase where the graph of COVID-19 continuously increasing health is the utmost concern of every user and it should be too. 


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