Android’s Forthcoming AirDrop will be available on Chromebooks


File sharing hasn’t an easy task at all. But, AirDrops made it much easier and faster. Now, you must be thinking that AirDrop is available only for macOS and iOS versions. What for Android ones? Now, Android AirDrop named Nearby Sharing is all set to roll out. Though, the official announcement hasn’t on-aired yet. But, speculations have indicated that Android’s upcoming AirDrop feature will be coming soon.

AirDrop feature which works on the iPhone, iPad, iPods, and Macs which lets user share file from one person to another or from one device to another instantly. Now, Android users can also take advantage of this feature.

Luckily, this feature will be coming soon for Android as well. And it seems that this feature will be available on Chromebooks and PCs running Chrome. Android’s forthcoming AirDrop’s sharing feature called Nearby Sharing. The new AirDrop feature permits android users to share all the files, links, photos, and documents with other devices.

And Android AirDrop will work similarly as macOS and iOS AirDrop do. This feature will appear in the settings of the latest Chrome OS. However, it will roll out through Google Play as the reference code suggest. And prominently it will also work on Chromebooks, and Google Chrome browsers apart from the Android devices.

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Android AirDrop

Flagged into the Android’s Settings Menu

AirDrop makes file-sharing or transferring very easy and lets users instantly share photos, links, files, and every sort of documents with other devices. As per the XDA developers report suggests that Android’s AirDrop has been in the development since a year ago. Originally, it was referred to as Fast Share now it becomes Nearby Sharing.

Interestingly, all the smartphone companies have their own file-sharing tool. Apparently, Google is also preparing for its own-file sharing tool. And the best thing about this file-sharing service would be – that it would be compatible with all the possible Android smartphones and Google apps. Moreover, some evidence also bets that this service not only supports every Android smartphone but also supports PCs running Chrome OS, Linux, macOS, and Windows as well. That means Android’s upcoming AirDrop will not be restricted or limited to Android only.

A few days back, one Twitterati named Mishaal Rahman has shared some screenshots of the most recent Google Play Services. The latest iteration shows that the user-interface has been lightly polished that earlier. The icon of the feature looks the same that currently appear in the Chrome OS settings.

XDA Developers report revealed that Nearby Sharing AirDrop paved into the Android’s Setting menus. It claims to be the best way of sharing. However, the debut date of Android’s first-ever AirDrop has not been revealed yet. But, revelations and leaks suggest that we don’t have to wait for a much longer for this. Well, this is only a trailer of Android’s upcoming AirDrop, there is more than enough in the upcoming AirDrop. For constant updates stay tuned on TechShouters!