Apple and Google have Pulled Down Banned Apps from their Stores in India


Recently, unusual stress has been seen between the two neighboring nations i.e., India and China. As of now, the tensions between the two countries have increased to another level. If you remember, last month the two countries India and China got into the battle for the disputed Himalayan border site, 20 Indian soldiers martyred in that fight. Even after the fight, China is constantly poking the India Soldiers for another fight. This technical strike from India against China by boycotting some powerful apps which are developed by Chinese firms happened because of recent disputes.

59 apps that are developed by Chinese organizations are banned in India. Including TikTok, Share it, Viva Video, Bigo Video, Cam Scanner, and many more are the robust apps that are now banned in India. Now, Google and Apple two big tech champs, following the government instructions and block access of these 59 Chinese apps from their stores in India. 

Two days ago, the government banned 59 Chinese apps in India. 59 apps that are banned in India developed by the Chinese firms include TikTok, Share it, Viva Video, Likee, WeChat, UC Browser, and so on. These apps are banned over the security and privacy concerns of the users. 

Now, Apple and Google support government decisions and comply with the orders by ejecting the 59 banned Chinese apps from their platforms like Apple Store and Play Store in India. “We’ve nonce blocked the access over these 59 banned Chinese apps,” an Google’s spokesperson said in the statement. 

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banned Chinese apps

Indian Government asked executives of these companies to give clarifications

Prior to this week, India’s Department of Telecommunications had commanded the telecom network and internet service providers to stop the access of the internet over these 59 banned apps. Apple and Google whose powerful products rule the world in terms of smartphones or other gadgets are complying the government orders very effectively. 

India’s Ministry of Electronics and IT claimed in its order, that these apps were harming the user’s data that sat threats to national security and defence of India. However, on the other note, the Indian government has requested officials of these companies to give a clarification on this. Kevin Mayer, the chief executive of TikTok, stated on Wednesday he is eager to meet with other stakeholders. 

Yesterday, the officials of Weibo stated that it had removed the prime minister Narendra Modi’s account over its platform after viewing the official upshot letter. Apparently, the Indian Embassy also requested the same. India’s prime minister Narendra Modi had 200,000 followers. India is the biggest nation for Chinese firm’s business purposes. TikTok is most popular app of the banned list. Around 200 million users of TikTok is only from India. Some leaks are doing rounds on the web that all these happened because of retaliation against China. But, officials have cleared this rumor by stating that this happened because of privacy or security concerns, nothing else.

Recent news is suggesting that Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is on the visit of Leh just before the meeting of Army chief Bipin Rawat. That clearly shows that something bigger will soon to happen than this technical strike on China. The way Google and Apple support the Government’s orders is commendable.