Apple Announces to Fix Blank Screen Issues with Its iPad Air 3rd-Gen For Free


A large number of users have reported a blank screen issue with their iPad Air 3rd-gen model. Now Apple has admitted that certain iPad Air 3rd-gen models that were released last year are faulty. Along with admitting the same, Apple also announces to fix the issue for free.

While admitting the issue Apple has stated that “under certain circumstances, the screen on a limited number of iPad Air (3rd generation) devices may go blank permanently. A brief flicker or flash may appear before the screen goes blank.”

After the above statement, Apple has introduced a service program for fixing the blank screen issue of its iPad Air 3rd-gen model. While introducing the same Apple stated that “Affected devices were manufactured between March 2019 and October 2019. Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider will service eligible devices, free of charge.”

Options Available for Users to get the Blank Screen Issue Fixed

Users who are facing a blank screen issue with their iPad Air (3rd Generation) can get it fixed by the three options mentioned below.

  • By finding an Apple Authorized Service Provider
  • By making an appointment at an Apple retail store
  • By contacting Apple Support to get assistance from the Apple Repair Center.

Along with that users must know about some points regarding this service program of Apple.

Points to be Noted about Apple’s service Program for iPad Air (3rd Generation)

While announcing the service program, Apple has specified some important points. Here are those important points.

  • No other iPad models are included in this program.
  • Apart from the blank screen issue, no other damages and issues with the iPad Air 3rd-gen are covered in this service program.
  • The program may be restricted to the original country or region of purchase.
  • The service program is for 2 years after the initial retail sale of the iPad Air 3rd-gen model, hence you don’t need to be panic if you haven’t faced the blank screen issue till yet.
  • Also, the standard warranty coverage period will not be extended by this program.

So, that was all from Apple for the ongoing issue of blank screen on its iPad Air 3rd-gen model. If you are also facing the same then get it fixed by Apple for free.

We’ll get back to you shortly with more such technology-related updates and announcements. Till then stay tuned with us.