Apple App Store Apps Can Now Send Ads as a Push Notification


In an attempt to make user-experience better, Apple now allows the apps on the App Store to send promotional notifications. This means that, if you authorize an app to send you ads, then you will receive its offers and promotions as a push notification alongside other alerts.

However, dating and fortune-telling apps are still not allowed to send such ads unless they provide a high-quality user experience. The main reason for such restriction is hackers see these apps as an easy way to invade the device. Thus, these apps can send ads only if they delight users with a secure and enchanting experience.

Apart from this, the apps present on the App Store cannot seek feedback from users through custom review prompts as earlier. Now, they are required to use Apple’s official Application Programming Interface (API) to gather user reviews and ratings. This move of the tech giant, Apple is aimed at eliminating the inconvenience caused to you while reviewing an app. You no longer need to close an app for reviewing it. You can rate and review the app without leaving it.


These endeavors of Apple proves why it is among the top tech giants in the marketplace. User experience is all that it cares for. What do you think about these updated Apple guidelines? Do let us know in the comment box below and also subscribe to Tech Shouters for more such information and updates.