In 2019, Apple’s App Store Supported $519 Billion Worldwide


A few days back, Apple declared the worldwide billing and sales figures of 2019. In 2019, Apple’s App Store ecosystem supported around $519 billion in billing and sales across the world. App Store is the spot where all the creators and innovative minds bring new ideas.

More than 85% of the $519 Billion Sums Accumulate to the Third-Party Developers

The new research is led by independent economists at Analysis Group, detects the M-commerce apps, digital goods and services apps, and app advertising is the higher value sections. The consequences sum-ups that the digital economy mops the dynamic, competitive app economy. And expands the flow of innovation beyond 175 countries and remodeled the approach of learning, working, and connecting.

The research also reveals that the payment which is directly made to the developers from Apple is only a division immense total when sales are calculated from other sources such as tangible goods and services. As Apple only receives an extra fee from the billings correlated with digital goods and services. More than 85% of the $519 billion sums accumulate singly to the third-party developers and businesses of all dimensions.

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Apple is ready to improve our Lives by its new enhancements

Tim Cook said that App Store is the spot where users can find out the tools and resources to make their life better. The App Store facilitated an ecosystem of $519 in 2019, research revealed that trades from the physical goods and services estimated for the most extensive share i.e, $413 billion.

Inside that category, m-commerce apps made a huge variety of sales and retail, at $268 billion. Whereas Travel apps like Expedia and United computed approx $57 billion. And the riding apps like Uber, Lyft, and so on calculated $40 billion, whereas food delivery apps like DoorDash and Grubhub estimated up to $31 billion. Digital goods and services billing and sales included $61 billion. This section includes apps for video, education, ebooks, audiobooks, music, health, and fitness.

Estimated commerce facilitated by apple app store in 2019

Dating services or apps also comes under this category. Gaming apps which are the most downloaded in 2019 was the highest dynamo of billings and sales under this section. Commendable and valuable games of 2019 incorporated Mario Kart Tour and Sky: Children of the Light. Even though Sky: Children of the Light won Apple’s iPhone game of the year award in 2019 and developed by Indie developer.

When it comes to in-app advertising, then around $45 billion computed for the same, and possibly 44% acquired from the games. Whereas non-gaming apps like Twitter, Pinterest, etc, make abundant in-app advertising sales and are free to install and access. This research of Apple’s App Store shows the full ecosystem of 2019. Due to COVID-19’s preventive measures individuals have changed their way of living, as of now, they are spending a lot of time on mobile phones. Now, social apps, social media platforms have become their helping hand to stay connected with their closed and loved ones around the world. Rather than this, remote services help users to do work more effectively and productively who are working from home in this pandemic phase.

The App Store is the safest and vigorous app that includes more than 2 million apps and more than half a billion people visit the App Store every week across the 175 countries.