Apple Conferred Patent to Click Long Distant Groupies and Selfies


During these pandemic times, people are really afraid to get in contact of any of the corona patients. That’s why many persons are staying in their homes and not meeting with any of their friends and family. So, to turn this problem into an opportunity Apple is working on a software that can merge two or more than two person’s selfies into a groupie. With the help of this software people can be in one frame without meeting each other.

Apple gets the new patent that would allow users to take long-distance selfies and groupies. This would produce a synthesis group selfies. This could be a unique way to click selfies or group pictures while maintaining social distancing.

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What is Synthetic Group Selfie

Capturing images is very hard in these harsh situations which have been arising due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Synthetic Group Selfie can be a combination of various fresh pictures, stored videos, or even a picture from the live stream. The software can automatically merge your separate selfie with others and make a group selfie. So, this is how you can take group pictures without being there in person.

Today, the US patent and trademark office authorized 57 newly granted patents to Apple. This new venture of Apple will be gone through a lot of thrill. Like we all know, how much peoples are engaged and insane for capturing selfies. However, this hasn’t disclosed yet whether the new feature would be accessible on both the iPad or iPhone.

This new feature lets you take pictures separately and helps you to combine them to make a groupie. The new feature would include stored videos, images, and even live streaming. After creating a group selfie, the user may also keep the original selfie. This new feature allows users to modify the picture as per their preferences. As per the patent application, Apple users have the option to invite others to join in a group selfie. And, the software would order them in a single frame. This is something unique and innovative.

long-distance selfies feature

Apple First Registered for the Patent in 2018

During this global pandemic time, the idea of this long-distance selfies could be the funnier and amusing but it can help you to keep in touch with your loved or closed ones. As peoples are bound to go outside, so virtually they can do more to stay connected with each other. Intially, Apple was first registered for the patent in 2018 and got on 2 June this year.

Apple hasn’t revealed yet when this software will go on-air to use for everyone across the world. Prominently, this new move from Apple has made, by observing the currents situation. And for sure, this move is the safe way to be with each other. This new way to take a group selfie without being physically together can be a game-changer.