Apple,Google Banned Location Tracking in Coronavirus Contact Tracing Apps


At the time when deadly coronavirus is spreading all over the world, the two biggest rivals in the tech industry claim to develop a tool that will track the spread of COVID-19 quickly. Apple and Google have shaken their hands to work together for creating COVID-19 contact tracing applications. This contact tracing application traces the infected person and warns other peoples who are nearby to that locality or region.

Now, here’s a big update reveal by Apple and Google that they are not using location tracking functionality this time to track the spread of COVID-19. Apparently, with this revelation now one question raise that if they are not using GPS systems to locate then how can they will track COVID-19, infected people, or high risks regions. Well, this time they are focusing on the security perspective of every individual that’s why they have decided to track people through Bluetooth wireless signals.

Though Bluetooth is an older form of technology, still always remains a revolutionary. Google and Apple have mutually chosen to ban the use of location tracking technology in coronavirus contact tracing apps. This step is taken only for the security and privacy purpose of the individuals. Instead of location tracking, Google and Apple have opted to use Bluetooth technology to track the spread of coronavirus.

As you all familiar, Google and Apple had decided to work together for creating a contact tracing app to reduce the spread of the coronavirus epidemic and spread awareness about the very same. Google and Apple are the two big tech organizations across the world. Google and Apple have dropped the location tracking function from the COVID-19 contact tracing app.

Both organizations stating that saving privacy and prevents the citizen’s data from the government is the only fundamental goal. That’s the reason why companies have dropped the location tracking technology. Instead of location tracking, companies have mutually opted to have Bluetooth Wireless Radio Technology in Coronavirus tracking application.

Bluetooth Signals will give COVID-19 Updates

On the contrary, many other developers have against this decision of both the companies. They think that GPS is a very useful and crucial technology to navigate the regions and infected people across the world. However, Apple and Google have clearly said a big no to use the location tracking functionality in COVID-19 contact tracing apps. But many developers of the other coronavirus tracking applications from across the world especially US states stated that it is very crucial to use GPS functionality to identify hotspots.

They stated should have GPS in coronavirus tracking applications to identify hotspots and containment regions. Still, both the tech giants clearly ban the location tracking technology from the COVID-19 contact tracing application. Now, public health authorities and governments both will receive information with Bluetooth signals.

Apple and Google always taking steps to help people in this pandemic situation. Earlier, Apple had also upgraded its browser Siri to inform people about the virus by asking some sort of questions. Siri asked some set of questions and then if the user gives accurate answers Siri told the user about their state of health. Google had also updated its news feed section and adds up the COVID-19 tab on the top of the Newsfeed section to provide the latest information about the coronavirus. Recently, Apple also released a solution to mask-wearing users who are struggling to unlock the phone via Face ID as their half of the face is covered with a mask.

Apple has also made millions of masks and distributed them to the needful people. Along with the masks, the company has also distributed the health equipment to public health officials and individuals. Well, this would be really fascinating how this contact tracing app will locate the spread of the deadly virus via Bluetooth technology rather than GPS.