Apple has Awarded Eight Developers with its Design Awards


Apple announced the eight winners of its 2020 design awards. Four have created the apps while the rest of the four designed the best games which are presently available on the App Store.  

While the declaration of awards, Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developers relations has stated that honored by an Apple Design Award is a big feat to the developers. Current year, Apple focused on the apps which are specially designed for iPads to provide a better tool to creative minds.  

For instance, photo editors and other designing tools that enhance the creativity level. Although, few of the best game-winners have designed the best games via the use of spatial audio. Apple has chosen the winners by recognizing the creativity, technical knowledge, impressive style, innovation, and spontaneously app design. 

Apple has awarded eight developers with its Design Awards

Full list of Winners

Darkroom designed by Berger Co. Darkroom is the high-end photo and video editing tool. Darkroom offers an intuitive layout design with great performance. Highly-compatible for both beginners and advanced users who want to create an innovative and robust design. Darkroom is an ideal example of a perfect editing tool. 

Looom designed by It is an animation playground tool which is inspired by the music creation tools. Loom also uses Apple technologies like Apple Pencil. Specially design for iPadOS, Looom has the dark mode feature. Looom’s creative and impressive design surely loved by pros. 

Shapr 3D is the CAD application for iPad which encodes the architectural and technical drawing workflow. Shapr 3D is developed by Shapr 3D ZRT. Developed only for an iPad, technical designers have created this amazing tool just to design complex 3D models with ease of perfection. 

StaffPad developed by StaffPad Ltd. This app is designed to convert the handwritten musical notation into the digital sheet. Composing music digitally would be extremely easy with this app. This app uses Apple technologies like Apple Pencil, drag, and drop. Music notations can be edited easily by using Apple Pencil tools.

Design Award Winners for Games- 

Sayonara Wild Hearts a pop album video game which is developed by Simogo and publisher Annapurna. Applauded for its impressive design since its release. The game rescues vibrant and bizarre landscapes, captivating visuals and graphics, breathtaking and dynamic gameplay. 

Sky: Children of the Light is the magical kingdom and groundbreaking quest game developed by thatgamecompany. This game is based on the magical kingdom which helps ethereal beings to make their way back to heaven. Supports multiplayer gameplay. 

Song of Bloom, is the brilliant puzzle game which is developed by indie developer Philip Stollenmayer. This game offers an adventurous gameplay experience with highly-innovative and impressive design. Players have to crack the puzzles and live art styling puzzles to pass the levels. 

Where Cards Fall, a real adventure game which is developed by The Game Band. The game is the breathtaking adventure game in which players have to build houses by cards to bring memories of life together. By this game, users can create a unique and beautiful miniature-art style as they want. 

These winners have set a benchmark of innovations, a technical feat, outstanding designing, and many more. The company Apple has stated that winners are picked on the basis of their technical feat and innovations. Over the past 20 years, more than 250 developers have been appreciated with Apple Design Award. The appreciation will accelerate the esteem of developers to explore new innovations.