Apple has Designed Online Portal for Apple Cards


Apple Card account holders get ready for the best-ever experience on your Apple Card as Apple’s new move will let you amazed. Apple’s first aim always to be its customer satisfaction. It constantly designed new creative programs or products just to satisfy customers. Yet another creation of Apple will leave you amazed. 

Good initiative by Apple for its Apple Card Account Holders. Apple has introduced an online portal for Apple Credit Card users to view, maintain, and check statements with more ease. With the help of this portal, users can be able to schedule the payment as well. 

Apple’s new site for Apple Credit Card account holders will help individuals by offering the ease of banking. This new site will especially useful for that situation when you lose or forget to carry your card along with yourself and need to handle the card for bill payment or anything else. Apple stated that this new portal is designed only for making and scheduling the payment easier for cardholders. 

Earlier, you had been to contact Goldman Sachs instantly to do so. But now, this new site lets you to pay your bills or anything else from your desktop or laptop. Now, you have to no longer reside on the iPhone for doing so. However, some attributes are missing from the online portal which is – lock the card remotely, or beg for a replacement in case if the card has been stolen or lost. These crucial features are still accessible only with the Wallet app and with this app you can also be able to manage push notifications and other settings like Express Transit. 

Though, for the card administration, this had been one of the most oddities for Apple’s modern credit card. Still, it is very handy to have an in-built process to handle the card and make payments directly from the iPhone. But, apparently, credit cardholders also demand to be able to use their cards directly from the web too.  

Recently, Apple has also praised eight developers by an Apple Design Award for the developer’s commendable performance or innovative apps. Among the eight, four have created the apps, and rest of the four designed the best gaming apps. Here, you can see the complete list of Winners of the Apple Design Award 2020.

How to access the Apple Cards Website

To access the site, users who have Apple cards need to login via their Apple ID. Then, you can be able to view card balance or statements of all the transactions. Moreover, you can also be able to schedule the payment and view the amount of next due on the home screen. Schedule payment option paved beneath the three dots More menu in the wallet section. 

From navigating the left side you can be able to browse your past transactions or statements. Along with this, you can download the statements as PDFs if you want to. Other settings of the site, lets you merge or remove linked bank accounts. This new move of Apple’s claims new enhancements programs that focused on more user suited.