Apple Launched Its 2020 Edition Of Pride Sport Band



Everything is getting virtual or canceled these days due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Pride Parade, an event to support and celebrate the LGBTQ community has also got virtual. The tech leader Apple also celebrates this event by launching Pride Bands for Apple watches in the Pride Month. However, this year Coronavirus affected every single event all over the World. That’s why Apple has to launch its new 2020 collection of Pride Sport Band through an online press release.

Not just bands, Apple also launches new faces for the Apple Watches in their coming OS 6.2.5. So, let’s have a look at the special things about these newly launched Pride Sport Band.

What are Apple’s Pride Bands?

Apple’s Sport Pride Bands are the bands for Apple Watches that Apple launches to support the Pride Parade and other events supporting the LGBTQ community. Just like the most common symbol and flag of LGBTQ, Apple’s Pride Sport Bands also come in rainbow colors. Hence, they look quite beautiful and refreshing. It’s not only the colors that make the Pride Band unique and beautiful. There is a unique procedure through which Apple makes these bands and they look so attractive. 

In the press release, Apple has also shared the method to making Pride Bands. The workers assemble all the strips of 6 different rainbow colors with their hands. Then, after that, the strips get processed in the machines. That’s why the Pride Bands have the layered rainbow-like design.

However, if you are looking for the 2019 edition, then you might feel sad because, after the launch of the new 2020 Pride Band Edition, Apple has stopped the previous one.

Talking about the history of Apple Pride Bands, Apple has launched the Pride Band in 2016 for the first time. And at that time, they have gifted them to their employees.

What makes the launch of Apple’s Pride Band 2020 Edition so special

You might be wondering about the hype for the launch of Apple’s 2020 edition of Pride Sport Band. It’s not just because of the band, it is because of the combined support of Apple and Nike for various LGBTQ organizations. Yes, it is the first time when these two leading organizations of their respective industry have come together and showing support for organizations such as GLSEN, ILGA World, The National Center for Transgender Equality, etc. Along with this, both the industry-leading organizations have joined hands to offer the Nike Pride Edition Sport Band. You can get it on the Apple Store.

So, these are all the updates regarding Apple’s New Pride Band Edition for 2020. If you want to know more such updates, then stay tuned with Tech Shouters.