Apple Launches New COVID-19 Screening Tool


Apple launched a new screening tool that helps people by providing accurate information about COVID-19. This app is based on new CDC guidance and available on the App Store. The COVID-19 website and application permit users to answer a list of questions, ongoing exposure, and symptoms for themselves or a friend and family member.

Apple today launched the new COVID-19 website and app which is available on the App Store. It is a new screening tool that provides people reliable information about COVID-19 and also provides all possible cure tips. It is based on the latest CDC guidance. This new monitoring tool provides a set of resources to help people and support they need.

Thus, they will get CDC proposals on the next stages, incorporating direction on social distancing and self-quarantine, screen symptoms, regardless of whether a test is suggested right now when to need medical help.

Apple released the screening tool in the midst of the rise in coronavirus cases over the world with the United States revealing the most number of cases. The website gives recommendations dependent on the appropriate responses and in no manner intended to identify the disease.

Alongside the new COVID-19 application and website, users over the US may likewise ask questions to Siri such as “How do I know If I have Coronavirus?” to get direction and resources from CDC and curated assortments telehealth applications available on App Store. This week, travelers arriving at select worldwide air terminals all through the US began getting notices on their iPhone to help them to remember the current CDC direction to stay at home and screen their health.

Apple has developed this screening tool in the partnership with the CDC, White House and the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). As of now, the app is used by US users, but the website can be accessed from India.


The screening tool gives cure tips from the direction of the CDC (Centre for Disease Control). In the press release, Apple has said that the screening tool of the COVID-19 App gives preventive measures, that include the instructions of healthcare providers and as per the direction of state and central government.

The online test can be accessed by website, or by downloading the Apple COVID-19 application on the App Store by means of the iPhone, iPad or Mac. Along with the test, the page offers clients the latest and updated feed of news about the coronavirus. It additionally offers a warning on what people can do to protect themselves, self-quarantine. It likewise offers direction on COVID-19 testing and instructing everyone for maintaining social distance.

Up-to-date information from CDC

Users will learn the most up-to-date information from CDC like cleaning surfaces, washing hands regularly and monitoring symptoms. Users will get answers to FAQs about COVID-19, including who is most in danger and how to perceive symptoms. This app also provides a list of resources to people and also provides the support they need.

As per privacy concerns, this app and website keep all users’ data secure and private. This tool does not need any sign-in formalities or user’s Apple ID. Anyone in the US who is 18 years or older can be able to use the screening tool and resources, by downloading the COVID-19 application from the App Store.

During such circumstances, this tool is very helpful as this tool provides all the relatable information, preventive measures, accurate information, healthcare guidance about coronavirus. This is a very hard time for all, be supportive, stay home, self-quarantined, stay safe!