Apple Maps provides Mobility Data Trend Tools to help COVID-19 Efforts


Don’t roam outside for no reason as now you are under the vigilance of government. Another impressive initiative has taken by Apple to reduce the havoc of COVID-19. Today, Apple revealed mobility data trend tools from Apple Maps to help public health authorities and researchers to track people who are moving in their regions. You can download the complete dataset as CSV.

Apple provided mobility data from Apple Maps to help COVID-19 efforts by tracking the spread of coronavirus in cities, countries or regions. This mobility data tool may assist the government, researchers and public health authorities by providing useful data. This data can be available as a tool, and you can download the complete dataset as a CSV.

As per Apple company statement, the new website of Apple has the mobility data trends include metro cities, 63 countries, and territories. The data is calculated according to the number of direction requests to Apple Maps.

“This mobility data may provide helpful insights to local governments and health authorities and may also be used as a foundation for new public policies by showing the change in volume of people driving, walking or taking public transit in their communities,” company said in the newsroom.

apple mobility trends report

Not Linked with user’s Apple ID

As per the user’s privacy concerns, Apple clearly says that it won’t be linked with the user’s Apple ID and also will not save a history of the user’s location.

Related to security, Apple CEO Tim Cook has tweeted, “While protecting your privacy, we are sharing aggregated mobility data from Apple Maps to help public health authorities.”

In addition, Apple has also donated more than 20 million masks to medical authorities all over the world. And presently, Apple has brought several teams together for making more masks. Apple is supplying 1 million masks in a single day to those territories that need them most. Apple also made other health-related equipment that is very essential to prevent from COVID-19. Apple recently updates its browsing platform Siri to help people.

Upgraded Siri helps users by providing the latest and authorized information about the coronavirus epidemic. Now, Siri can screen you by asking several series of questions, such as How do I get to know if I have Coronavirus? and more. Siri also gives you a set of instructions from the CDC guidelines as a preventive measure. Well, prior to this week, Apple and Google had announced that they are working together to creating a coronavirus tracker tool to help public health officials and the local public. This tool is based on Wireless Bluetooth Radio Technology that helps the government and health authorities to decrease the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

As of today’s recent update by WHO (World Health Organization), there are almost 1.85 million confirmed positive cases of COVID-19, and more than 117,000 are very serious.