Apple Watch 6 has Brought Pulse Oximeter Feature to Fight against COVID-19


Apple has always amazed us by its devices and software. Now, Apple has done the same thing with its yet another device of Apple Watch. New Apple Watch Series 6 would bring a wide range of health tracking features that can surely help front line warriors of COVID-19. 

Apple Watch 6 could Help Front line Warriors

In this pandemic situation, Apple Watch 6 can be come-up as a savior. Now, Apple is brought some amazing enhanced health advanced features that will track the symptoms of COVID-19 instantly. This wearable technology would be the game-changer of COVID-19.

In Apple Watch 6, the built-in pulse oximeter will track the silent hypoxia, in the last stage of coronavirus where every patient thinks that they are taking their last breath. When your blood-oxygen level gets reduced then there has no chance to save your life. At this phase, the Apple watch could hold your breath and save your life by monitoring your silent hypoxia condition. 

Pulse Oximeter will reduce the need for Ventilators  

Pulse Oximeter would give information and early warnings symptoms which are associated with COVID-19. These warnings include breathing problems, cough, deficiency in oxygen, and more. As per the survey, it has disclosed that the pulse oximeter is the reliable technology to recognize the coronavirus signs within a few seconds. 

Diagnosing silent hypoxia in its early phase could recover the coronavirus patient and reduce the chances of requiring ventilators. For the accurate results of Pulse Oximeter, you need a thermometer and you can buy a thermometer with any medical shops easily. Now, you have to put a thermometer on your fingertip by that pulse oximeter can read your current and accurate blood circulation. With such an observing technique, COVID-19 signs could be recognized instantly. 

In March, Apple reveals that the new Apple Watch Series 6 has brought a blood oxygen detector. Apple is preparing to add-up the Touch ID sensor to its forthcoming watch series. This amazing functionality linked your iPhone and Apple watch with the same Touch ID. That means when you’ll open up your iPhone, the apple watch automatically opened at the same time. However, for unlocking it you need to set-up a numerical code. 

Apparently, this enhancement will be implemented in the forthcoming watch series but, when, it has not to be revealed. Along with this, Apple is also preparing to bring the health regular check-ups to its new watch series 6. This will include regular blood, oxygen detection, and an enhanced version of ECG. However, the current versions of the Apple watch are already supported by the ECG feature. 

Blood Oxygen screening tool is also known as an SPO2 screening tool. This feature measures the oxygen level of your blood and enables pulse oximeter in Apple Watch 6. Due to coronavirus, the situation is occurring worst day-by-day across the world. Every research center, doctors scientists are working hard to develop the vaccine and medicines of it. Well, we are looking forward to seeing the endeavors of Apple Watch Series 6 to combat against COVID-19.