Apple works on to Roll Up Various Services in “Apple One” Subscription


Biggest tech giant Apple is working on to launch the “Apple One” subscription to tie its various services together. This sort of bundle will let users subscribe to the respective number of organization’s services at a low monthly price tag. The company is planning to launch this “Apple One” subscription as early as possible. Some reports are suggesting that Apple is rolling up this “Apple One” subscription this October with the new-lineup of the coming iPhone. Notably, the bundles have designed to cheer-up the customers to subscribe to more Apple services, which will produce more periodic revenue. 

New reports have cleared the gassy clouds and said that this subscription would permit users to tie together the different kinds of paid-for services that Apple provides, right from Apple Music to its gaming services, within one payment. Moreover, it could also contain other new services, for instance, fitness. Some speculations are making rounds that Apple is working on new resources or tools to let users get workout tutorials right from their iPhone or Apple Watch. This move is for overtaking on some companies that are doing so and providing at-home fitness services, for instance, Peloton and Nike. 

Significantly, several different ranges will be available, beginning with a standard combo of Apple TV+ and Apple Music. After that, the more precious bundles come that will add on the Apple Arcade gaming service, then Apple News+ on the next range, and then afterward, the extra rare above range add on iCloud storage. High-end bundles will notably incorporate Apple Fitness service. Bloomberg reports informed that the bundles will be vended towards families, and notably, they’ll run with the Apple’s Family Sharing system. That means up to 6 individuals can use each service. As you had been demand with the subscription bundles, purchasing them will be more dirt cheap than purchasing single particular services. Recent reports hinted that customers would save around $2 and $5 a month. 

Apple works on to Roll Up Various Services in Apple One Subscription

Though, there are no more revelations yet regarding price or the actual configuration of each bundle set. And it is quite possible as well that this information might be change before the bundles are launched. There have been some reports as well, which said that Apple is planning to offer subscription bundles since 2018, but the company looks much more pavement now. 

The company believes that this Apple One service will surely transform the traditional way of business and generate more revenue. Last month, Apple had reported about the iPhone launch event and said that due to the increasing graph of the pandemic COVID-19 across the world, the company decided to delay the iPhone launch event. However, the exact launch date still not revealed by the company. Because, up till now, a significant figure of staff is still working form home. But, it has been speculating that in October this fall, Apple One service will roll up along with the new forthcoming iPhones.