Apple’s AR Glasses won’t release until 2022


Apple’s AR glasses have been a talk of the town for the years. Since 2015 when the AR hardware and software are leading, rumors are doing rounds on the web that Apple is soon releasing its AR glasses. And it was felt like Apple was releasing AR glasses last year i.e., 2019 but it hasn’t happened. Then again, assumptions were heading all over that this year Apple will surely release its AR glasses. But, now new leaks suggest that Apple won’t release its AR glasses this year as well. Apart from this, Apple has taken a step that will take us to a bit more closer to reality.

As per sources, it has been discovered that there is a long way to have Apple’s AR glasses. That means users who are waiting for Apple’s AR glasses have to wait for a long time to use it. Because Apple has dropped the idea to launch it in the current year i.e., 2020. As per gossips, it has revealed that now Apple’s AR glasses won’t release until 2022.

Some times ago a few gossips were doing rounds over the web that Apple is working on to develop Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. However, Apple hasn’t officially announced anything related to this. But, Apple has little bit come closer to reality as it confirms that – it focuses on expanding content and services. Apple has bought NextVR set up to expand its VR content startup.

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Though, it will also take us closer to Apple’s AR glasses. However, NextVR doesn’t have its own VR device but it could help Apple to create its own VR device and glasses. Its streaming content experience of the user in virtual reality will help the company to design headsets and glasses.

take us closer to Apple AR glasses

NextVR will highly specialize in Live streaming in virtual reality. And it might be also very helpful and crucial for live concerts and sports. NextVR has also associated with NBA sports league and Fox Sports entertainment networks. NextVR also delivers virtual content to already existing headsets like Facebook, and devices from HTC, Sony, Lenevo corporations. As per leaks and rumors suggested, Apple has bought NextVR in around $100 million.

Initially, business expert Ming-Chi-Kuo had stated that the manufacturing of the glasses would start at the end of 2019 or in the starting of 2020. But now the leaks are doing round on the web that AR glasses won’t release in 2020 and the release date of glasses has pushed until 2022 or the starting of 2023. As rumors suggest that Apple’s vice president, Mike Rockwell had stated in an internal meeting, the first headset will launch in 2022 and the second pair AR glasses will launch at the starting of 2023.

And in the internal meeting, AR team executives had revealed that they will release both AR glasses and AR headsets as well. Apple has also claimed that the new AR headset and glasses will give a breakthrough experience. Apple’s AR glasses use 3D sensors similar to the LiDAR system which have been already revealed in the latest iPad Pro. To use Apple’s AR glasses, you have to wait till 2022.