Apple’s First Online Store in India Releasing on THIS Date!

Apple's First Online Store in India Releasing

This festive season is going to be a lot more interesting than ever. Because Apple will soon launch its first-ever online store in India. The company said that matching with the country’s festive fall this could be a reason for the biggest sales for retailers every year.

Presently, big tech marvel Apple presently sells its products via third-party merchants in India and through online shopping apps such as Flipkart, and Amazon. But, now the company is all set to launch its first-ever online store in India and rake up the advantage of the festive season. So, the initial Apple online store will be set to launch on 23 September in India.

Almost India has 1 billion wireless subscribers, in which around one-third keep faith in primary handsets, offers massive growth probabilities for smartphone creators, and provides affordable labor to manufacture the gadgets. However, Apple compiles some kind of smartphones, incorporating the series of the iPhone 11, at the Wistron and Foxconn shops in the two states of southern India. This was the first time when the company was regionally compiling the current-gen iPhone model in the country.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook tweeted about this, and said, we know how it is so important for us to stay in touch with our loved and closed ones. We are extremely very excited to expand our network in India and need your support too!

Through Its Online Store, Apple Preps to Offer More Assistance to Its User

Apple plans to give more assistance to the users in English and Hindi, by its online retail platform. By permitting the users to embed their Apple Pencil, Airpods, and iPads in English as well as in a few Indian languages such as Gujarati and Bengali. One week back, Apple released its virtual fitness service along with its subscription bundle named Apple One.

The company believes that these are the centric services that work like the backbone of the company and will help in increasing the growth of Apple’s services. Moreover, satisfies those individuals who are currently working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A few days back, in its September event, the company announced Apple Watch 6, SE, Apple One – Subscription Bundle, and a new iPad. We’ve mentioned all the details regarding the Watch 6, SE, Apple One, and 8th gen iPad, click here.

The release of Apple’s Online Store will note a new chapter in Apple’s business in India, where almost 99% of the market is ruled by Android smartphones. Moreover, iPhone-creator has become more offensive in India in current years.