Apple’s New Coding Resources and Tools for Teachers and Students


Nowadays, when everyone has been in their own homes and are bound to go outside unnecessarily. The digital medium is the only way that makes everything feasible and also helps us while keeping connected with our loved or closed ones across the world. This pandemic phase has been proved the game-changer for the education system. In this pandemic time, education and examinations are being conducted online. Moreover, the classes are going online as well, through video conferencing platforms. The reports suggested that online learning activity has observed a massive jump in the business of the same from the month of March till now. So, Apple has taken a move to expand its learning courses, tools, and resources for providing the best-ever learning experience.

Apple has recently announced new coding resources and a set of tools that will help the teachers to teach coding more accurately to students from school grade to college. These tools help teachers to teach students a great level of coding including swift and XCode.

Initially, Apple was launched its first program “Everone Can Code Program” in 2016. And that program was accompanied by Develop in Swift program in 2019. As of now, for those programs, Apple has generated new resources or tools for students and teachers of all ages. Apple announced that the existing resources and materials got a new update.

apple develop in swift explorations teacher guide

Now, more offerings have added to the programs for giving the best-ever learning experience to students. Especially, this new update will help those people who are desiring to learn new things from home. With the new enhancements, Apple has also started a free online course for educators which is Develop in Swift. Apple’s vice-president of Markets, Apps, and Services, Susan Prescott has stated in the newsroom, that new tools and resources will help teachers and students to make things light and more clear.

tool everyone can code adventures

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Free Online Course for Educators “Develop in Swift”

The free online course is specially designed to aim at educators of the computer science stream in the US. This will help professors of all levels to build traditional knowledge to teach about how to develop applications with Swift. Moreover, for the remotely teaching process, Apple is also supplementing the resources and tools for teachers and parents to ensure that students can learn and develop from anywhere.

These programs will teach everything related coding like programming language designed by Apple, XCode one Mac for new and experienced programmers or coders as well. Develop in Swift is equipped with high school or higher education students. Everyone Can Code includes coding to students in 4 grades via 8, and to building blocks of swift by the Swift Playgrounds app, uses riddles, puzzles, and games. The Develop in Swift curriculum is now revamped completely that suits the students’ learning styles. The newly revamped series contains four books:- Develop in Swift Explorations, Develop in Swift AP CS Principles, Develop is Swift Fundamentals, and Develop in Swift Data Collections.

All these mentioned books will be available during this fall. The Develop in Swift curriculum is available in Apple Books absolutely free. Along with this, Apple has also released the next set of books for its Everyone Can Code curriculum. “Every Can Code Adventures” is specially created for those students who have finished the Everyone Can Code Puzzles and want to get more advanced possibilities to form with Swift code.

Since released in 2016, Develop in Swift has more than 9000 K-12 higher education institutions and utilizing the Everyone Can Code and Develop in Swift curriculum from Apple.