Apple’s solution to Mask-Wearing Users for Unlocking Phone via Face ID


The spread of COVID-19 is rapidly increasing across the world and no cure or vaccine hasn’t been developed yet. The most useful preventive measure to break the chain of coronavirus is maintaining social distancing, avoid gatherings, and wear the mask all the time when you are going out. Mask is the only tool to reduce or stop the spread of coronavirus. Even seeing the havoc of coronavirus, the government has also issued certain laws related to mask. 

Nowadays many peoples have faced trouble while unlocking their phones with Face ID as their face is covered with the mask. Hence, Apple releases a new update to reduce the trouble of mask-wearing users who have set the Face ID lock. Now, when this new version be rolled out users will no longer need to take off masks for unlocking their phones. 

Mask is the only tool to stop the spread of coronavirus. But iPhone users have face problems to unlock their phones when wearing a mask. Hence, Apple released its new beta version of iOS 13.5 and made updates to the Face ID for users who are wearing the mask and confronting problems while unlocking the phone.  

When the Face ID option gets failed, users have to swipe up multiple times from the bottom to get the passcode – entry option. But now with this new update, users will no need to swipe up from the bottom to get the passcode option. The passcode option will automatically prompt if the user’s half of the face is covered with a mask.  

Face ID recognizes user’s face features by more than 30,000 hidden dots to guard against any fishy activity or other technical attacks via anti-spoofing neural networks. It can be work only when your mouth, nose, and eyes are scanned. This function is also being used in Apple Pay so, this plan is out for safety purposes. 

When you wear a mask, hidden dots have get covered automatically that the reason why the camera cannot capture and verify all your biometric information. Researchers claim that the solution to it is – have merged locks i.e., fingerprint lock and Face ID. 

Apple's solution to Mask-Wearing Users for Unlocking Phone via Face ID

iOS 13.5 also Introduced Contact-Tracking API

The company stated that they will release this update worldwide as soon as testing will be complete and reduce the struggle of user’s during this tragic time. This sort of feature has also included in Apple’s opponent company’s like Huwaei, Oppo, Xiaomi, and South Korean company Samsung is also included in its new flagship smartphone. 

Apart from this, in Apple’s iOS 13.5 version will release the new feature contact tracking API to help the individuals to track the spread of coronavirus around them. This contact tracking feature helps people to identify the risk of coronavirus around them and their locality. This new software is developed by two big companies Google and Apple to notify the people when they have come up in contact with any corona positive people around them. Apple and Google are the biggest tech giants and moreover, rivals of each other. 

But this time, when the havoc of COVID-19 is spreading all over the world, they also stepped up to work together and make an app that will be helpful for users. This tracker tool first will be turned out for public health officials and then in the coming few weeks, it will be out for everyone. This tool is based on Bluetooth Wireless Radio Technology. The main thing where we lag is – the testing process, and it is being assumed that this new technology will enhance the testing process across the world. And if any user has found positive people around, then they would be able to inform more and more people about it via Bluetooth radio wireless technology. However, the company has not disclosed when this new version will be turned out. 

Apple has constantly discovered new tricks to help its users during this tragic phase. It has distributed masks and other medical or public health equipment to help people.