Apple’s WWDC 2020 – Uncertainties and Expectations


Coronavirus has affected so many people across the globe and along with people it has also affected tech giants like Facebook and Google. A few days back both the technology leading companies have canceled their developer’s conference stating the widespread Coronavirus (COVID-19) as its reason.

Now another tech giant Apple seems to cancel its major event WWDC 2020 (Worldwide Developers Conference 2020) due to Coronavirus. However, there is no such official update till yet but as per the current scenario WWDC 2020 seems quite difficult to happen, or if it happens, it will not be in the usual form.

WWDC 2020 is supposed to be held in June. It is one of the major events of Apple in which the company announces various new updates and launches new software and hardware.

As per the current trend, the chances of WWDC 2020 getting canceled are quite high but the tech giant Apple has not made any official statement till yet. Apple is likely to provide an update regarding the same in April, which leaves a little room for the WWDC 2020 to happen.

If WWDC 2020 happens there is a lot more to expect from the event.

Expectations from Apple’s WWDC 2020

Lots of updates and new launches are anticipated from Apple’s WWDC 2020. Below mentioned are some of them.

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

If we consider Apple’s history then we get to know that the company is most likely to introduce new operating systems for its smartphones at WWDC. Hence, the chances of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 getting introduced at WWDC 2020 are high.

iPhone 9

The rumors about this phone are very strong and that’s why it seems that Apple is likely to launch iPhone 9 at WWDC 2020.

Watch OS 7

We can expect it to be launched at WWDC 2020 because of the previous trend of the company.

New iPad Pro 2020

This is supposed to be launched in the March itself, but if the release date gets postponed then the possibility of getting it launched at WWDC 2020 is quite high.

MacOS 10.16

We have predicted the launch of this operating system for Mac also as per the previous trend of Apple.

Home Pod 2

HomePod was announced at the WWDC 2017 and that’s we are expecting HomePod 2 to be released at WWDC 2020.

TvOS 14

Last year tvOS 13 was launched at WWDC and hence, we are expecting tvOS 14 to be released at WWDC 2020.

Apart from all these things, we are also expecting iPhone 12 to be launched later this year.

However, these are only our expectations and assumptions. We don’t know whether the WWDC 2020 is going to happen or not and like all others we are also still waiting for the official statement from the tech giant. If WWDC 2020 gets canceled, it will be the first time in the history of Apple.

We’ll update you soon with the official statement of Apple, till then stay tuned with us for more such updates.