AT&T gives three months Free FirstNet Service to Coronavirus Warriors


AT&T is giving three-month free service of FirstNet to Coronavirus superstars i.e., Doctors and Nurses. AT&T is praising our livings gods, who have really worked hard to save numerous lives without thinking about themselves. The news was declared on Sunday night on John Krasinski’s web show named Some Good News.

FirstNet is AT&T’s extraordinary plan for users that can take benefits of this special plan of 4G LTE network on the regular plan of AT&T during this pandemic.

This offer is available for both, new or existing users of FirstNet. According to the offer, doctors and nurses will be able to get free service for three months but they have to be on one of AT&T’s FirstNet responder Plans. The offer is for all verified, licensed nurses and doctors in the US and US regions.

Doctors and nurses who are as of now on the traditional plan can easily change to a FirstNet plan, which means $40 for an individual to one line’s limitless talks, data, and calls.

Health care professionals who are presently on a traditional plan or on a family plan with more than two lines. They will need to change their individual line to FirstNet plan to enjoy the benefits of this plan. AT&T has been sending the network around the nation including convenient portable sites around known hotspots for the COVID-19, for example, New York City, to support limit and permit FirstNet gadgets to be quicker than conventional AT&T phones.

FirstNet gadgets to be quicker than conventional AT&T phones

Health Professionals need to Verify License within 30 Days

And as per security concerns, health professionals will require to verify their license within the activation of 30 days.

The process of verifying the license, switching from a traditional plan to FirstNet plan and activating the offer will be done online. All the details from log-in to data usage can be found on the official website of FirstNet.

Apart from this, AT&T is also giving $200 off a FirstNet handy phone when switching in a new FirstNet plan. Apple’s recent iPhone 11 series and Samsung’s Galaxy S20 incorporates the latest AT&T phones. However, 5G phones are still limited on the AT&T 4G LTE network. AT&T has still not declared the final date when this plan will be available.

corona warriors

Last month, Verizon declared that it would be offering more high-speed and hotspot data to its users, where AT&T has added more hotspot data to its unlimited plans. Simultaneously, T-Mobile has declared it would be making all plans unlimited for 60 days due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

All the big organization has taken various initiatives to help people in their own ways. Recently, Apple and Google collaborated for the very first time to building a coronavirus tracking tool. With this Apple and Google’s new joint venture technology, infected people can share their digital IDs like phone broadcasts, and other people can check their database for any similarities. Facebook also stepped up to help people by launching Coronavirus Community Hub to fight against coronavirus rumors. Also, help people to stay connected with their family and friends around the world by releasing Messenger’s desktop version. AT&T is the fastest wireless network in America, and AT&T offers free three-month service to doctors and nurses. This is AT&T’s way to express gratitude towards doctors and nurses who are fighting against COVID-19 unconditionally.