Block Cookies with Chrome Canary and Experience Safe Browsing

Block Cookies with Chrome Canary and Experience Safe Browsing
Block Cookies with Chrome Canary and Experience Safe Browsing

Google has introduced a new flag to block cookies in its Chrome Canary for Android users. The feature was already there in the stable version of Chrome but with fewer options. In Chrome Canary, the cookie blocking feature comes with more options and provides better control over cookies to its users.

What is Chrome Canary?

First of all, let us tell you about Chrome Canary. It is an unstable version of the Google Chrome browser designed for developers and technology enthusiasts. Average users can also use this version of the Chrome browser to keep a check on the direction where Chrome is heading towards. While launching any new feature to the stable version of Chrome, Google first launches it on Chrome Canary to test its functioning. That’s the reason why Chrome Canary is unstable.

Apart from this, Chrome Canary automatically gets updated. It almost gets updated daily. The interface is quite similar to Chrome the only difference is the new features, flags, and API that Canary gets for testing. Recently it got a cookie blocking feature with more options.


Blocking cookies in Chrome Canary

The stable version of Chrome also has a cookie blocking feature but with some limited options and shows a warning that it may impact the proper functioning of some sites while enabling the “block third-party cookies” feature.

On the other hand, the unstable and experimental version of Chrome comes with four different options allowing you to control your cookies better than before. For the newbies, Chrome Canary also provides a brief description of cookies so that they can understand the term and have a better and safe browsing experience.

The feature can be enabled by the flag titled “enable improved cookie user interface in Canary” available in the “chrome://flags” experimental area. Once it gets enabled, the feature offers two options to block cookies. You can prevent your cookie data from getting analyzed by the websites in “Incognito Mode”. You can also completely block all the cookies, but it is not usually recommended to do so, as it can affect your browsing on some websites.

These were some major updates for Chrome Canary. If you are a developer or a technology enthusiast, we highly recommend you to use Chrome Canary and for more such updates from Google, stay tuned with us.