Canon’s EOS Webcam Utility Upgrades Video Conferencing Quality


Video Conferencing has been the life saver of many businesses and people during these times of inability to go out and work. But many people are worried because they may or may not have a webcam. Many people have a webcam but they are not satisfied with their camera’s quality. Canon is providing a video streaming facility so that you can stream videos in better quality. 

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the demand for video calling enhances to a wide level across the world as most of the people are doing work from home. So, to avoid the deficiency of webcam Canon has released new software that turns your camera into a webcam. 

By seeing the Increasing spread of coronavirus government issues lockdown to most countries worldwide. Due to lockdown, many people are working from home and for communication, they use video conferencing applications. However, some of the apps couldn’t provide a good quality video calling. 

Thus, to combat the shortage of webcam Canon has introduced its new software EOS that turns your camera into a webcam. However, this software is still in the beta trial and only beta users can use this. Currently, this software is available for only US users. And this will compatible with the 64-bit version PCs of Windows 10. It will transform mirrorless cameras, DSLR, and PowerShot cameras into webcams for video calling.  

Ways to get Canon’s EOS Webcam Software 

Launching this new software is extremely very easy, you have to just plug-in your camera into your PC via USB cable. Then jump to Canon’s USA official website and scroll up, down to the page. Now from that page, choose the model that you have. 

Now, go to the Drivers and Downloads tab, click on Software. And here you go, the new utility software has listed there and the rest of the downloading will automatically start. As software is still in beta testing Canon is seeking your feedback for further processing. 

Every person who has a problem of low quality can use Canon’s new software. This software has the tendency to enhance the quality of your video conferences and meetings. Any person who does not have a good quality webcam can use this video streaming facility and make your video quality far better.