Changes made in the Chinese App Store: Here’s everything you should know!


China has always been in the conflicts and the same now as well. After the massive spread of coronavirus pandemic, individuals from different counties whether it is US or India, think for this spread China is the only one who is responsible. And, after the recent fight between China and India which had occurred in the last month-end at the Himalaya border where 20 Indian soldiers martyred, certain decisions or orders had been issued by the Indian government.

The Indian government had decided to ban 59 Chinese apps in India and did it so as well. Within 24 hours the 59 Chinese apps including TikTok, Viva Video, Bigo Live, UC Browser, Likee, and so on had banned in India. Apple also pulled down these 59 apps from its platform in India.

Apple has just removed 4,500 games and apps from the Chinese App Store due to the change in license regulations made by the Chinese government. Developers have to make their licenses approved before submitting their games.

China is already getting cornered due to its fault in spreading coronavirus and they are contaminating their relations with the whole world because of their steps. Now, there has been the entry of one more name in the list of China’s foe.

A new name has got into the list of conflicts in China. The Chinese government has just changed its rules and regulations of licensing for apps and this time they messed up with Apple.

apps messed up with apple

 Before developers can submit their apps and wait for their approval of their license. But due to new regulations, developers can only submit their apps and games after their license has been approved by the Chinese government. This step removed 4,500 applications from the App Store in just 3 days.

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Approx 3000 games have been eliminated within the first two days of July

However, this new rule had been announced early this year, but this new rule implements on 30 June. And this is the only reason Apple has to stop the games and apps over its Chinese App Store which hasn’t received the official license yet. Prior to this move, Apple has opted just to freeze the apps.

But, now the frozen apps have been eliminated from the App store. As per reports, more than 2,700 games were eliminated from the Chinese App Store within the very first two days of July. This is being described as the biggest game removal on Apple’s App Store ever. Prior to this move, Apple has also shown its efforts in support of Indian Government via removing the banned apps from its platform in India. China only declares 1,500 games license per year and processes them further after the six months of completed. Thus, many of the games have to wait for a long while for coming back on track. Apple eliminated 1,571 apps on 1 July, 1,805 on 2 July, and 1,200 on 3 July. It is calculated that around 20,000 apps in total get affected by this.