Control your Phone’s Audio from the PC via Your Phone App


Microsoft’s Your Phone App has the ability to control your smartphone’s audio from your Windows 10 PC. Microsoft has declared this that Your Phone App can control your smartphone’s music playback capabilities from the PC.

Microsoft has released an amazing feature to android users. This feature lets individuals regulate their smartphone’s audio library from the PC. This brings your phone and PC more closer. The testing process of this software is started from today, however, it is not available for everyone. After testing has done, this will make available for everyone in the coming few weeks.

With this app, you will be able to synchronize the active audio of your phone to the PC. Your Phone App also provides the in-built mini-player in Windows 10 to control functioning. Music title, artist, the cover image will appear, control options incorporate play, pause, shuffle, next, and so on.

That means now you can link your on-playing song with your PC and controls it from there too. Along with this declaration, Microsoft also declares Windows 10 insider Build 19619 to fast ring users. This update fixes all the bugs and issues instantly as soon as they’ll prompt.

Brandon LeBlance, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft says, “Now you can access and control the audio apps playing from your phone directly within the app, without needing to split your attention between devices or breaking your workflow. Your audio tracks will remain in sync between your phone and PC, and you can switch between multiple sources using the dropdown in the player. The feature is gradually rolling out, so it may take a few days to show up in the Your Phone app (YP version 1.20041.85 and YPC 1.20041.82.* or newer).”

Supports All the Live Music Streaming Platforms

The best thing about this – is compatible with all the android online music streaming apps such as the Youtube music app, Spotify, Google Play Music, Xiami Music, Amazon Music, and many more. Microsoft always tries to enhance Your Phone App features since it was released, as controls call from the PC,  and android screen supporting. The only shortcoming of this feature is that – Youtube video and Audible are not compatible with it.

Apart from this feature, Microsoft has also brought the new section in Windows 10 search bar that will give the latest and authorized information about the coronavirus. This will accessible for all the users of Windows 10 and will shows the links, headings of coronavirus news. And in case if you are not liking this feature you can disable it by tapping the X in the corner. We are looking forward to seeing how it will be actually is and how it will enhance the overall experience.