COVID-19 Phishing Activity has Marks 62 Countries: Microsoft’s Legal Action


COVID-19 associated hacking movement spreading all over the world. After observing the phishing activity Microsoft has come in action. Now, its time to take legal action towards cybercriminals who are taking advantage of the COVID-19 and frauds with millions of people around the world. On Tuesday, the US District Court has unsealed the documents to Microsoft after observing the efforts of the tech giant to detect the fraudsters or cybercriminals. On Tuesday, Microsoft has stated that its taken legal action to end the COVID-19 related phishing activities.

2020 has been a roller coaster ride and would be remembered as the worst year ever because everything is going wrong. When COVID-19 is spreading on a massive range globally, along with it the phishing activities are also spreading. On Tuesday Microsoft has come in action and find out that COVID-19 related frauds have targeted 62 countries approximately.

Millions of fake emails sent out to the businesses, and peoples which is related to the COVID-19. Virginia’s Eastern District in the US District Court comes in the action and unsealed lawsuit that allows the big tech champ Microsoft to take full control of domains that are being used by the hackers and fraudsters to cheat the victims.

COVID-19 Phishing Activity

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More than 20,000 Lure Emails Have Been Recorded up Till Now

At this pandemic time, when most of the people are working from home cyberattacks have pinned. Most of the events, business meetings, and more things happening online the phishing activities also increased and making peoples fools. Fraud or fake emails related to the deadly virus COVID-19 have engulfed the internet.

As per the FBI’s Internet Crimes Complaint Center report revealed that almost more than 20,000 COVID-19 related lure emails have been recorded this year. As per the FBI’s 2019 Internet Crime report , most of the complaints are filed through their IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center), which includes BEC (Business Email Compromise) crimes as well. The estimated loss of almost $1.7 billion which indicates that around half of the losses due to cybercrimes. Increment in the economic danger which is caused by cyber attackers affects the public and private sectors. However, Microsoft is investigating cybercrimes and will seek help from the law. Microsoft is also working to establish law enforcement companies around the world in the near future to stop cyber crimes, frauds, and hacking.

These cybercriminals formed fake emails which exactly looks like that they introduced from an accurate employer or another reliable source. And the reason behind this is only to steal the information. They targeted big business tycoons or leaders beyond numerous big industries or firms with the aim of stealing information or hack their accounts. These fake or pushing messages included ambiguous messages with exclusive business activities.

In a Tuesday’s blog post tech giant Microsoft have claimed that it is working on it to stop the hacking campaign which is doing frauds with millions of peoples across the world. Really looking forward to Microsoft’s move.