Dark Mode for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides – Everything you Need to Know!


Do you use Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets excessively? Then, this new feature will make your work much easier. The new update will roll out and will let you use the dark mode feature. Android users can use this amazing feature. MS-Word, Powerpoint, and Excel’s days are gone. Now, it’s time to be an automated expert. For automatic work, we are currently using Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets instead of MS-Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. 

During the present era, most of the official work is done from a computer, and for those work, we consider using important software like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Recently, Google has announced to launch dark mode and themes for its office work software like Docs, Slides, Sheets. 

This dark mode feature has been previously adopted by many big tech champs like Instagram, YouTube, and Google Chrome. Dark mode reserves battery life and puts less strain on our eyes. If you find it difficult to turn on the settings keep checking on because it can take a few weeks for complete rollout. 

How to Manually Turn on Dark Mode on your Device

  • Open your respective sheets, docs, or slides that you want to set up dark mode in. 
  • Tap on the menu button, if the icon with three dots.
  • Click on choose themes.
  • In the end, select your desire theme whether it is dark, light, or system default.  

And in case, when you want to view the document in the traditional light mode, so for this Google has also added a toggle to do that. For this, you just simply need to tap on the More button with three dots, then choose View in light mode. The app will instantly change the preview mode. However, the big tech champ didn’t mention yet that the iOS version will be receiving the feature or not. 

After the dark mode is applied to your phone it will automatically set as default theme of many apps that supports dark mode feature. If you opt dark mode in the Android phone then the system will get by default the dark mode. But, if you get bored of it then you have to change settings in all apps separately. 

Now, every Android apps possibly have a dark mode feature. Recently, later at the end of June, Facebook had released the dark mode feature for its mobile application. Users had eagerly waited for this. Along with the dark mode feature, Facebook had also brought a lot more exciting things to its users. Prior to this, Facebook had released the dark mode feature for its desktop version, and new interface design as well. The dark mode is good for both your eyes and your battery. If you have a habit of working late at night then dark mode can be a saviour for your eyes.