Downfall in WhatsApp’s Connecting Loop – Here’s Everything you need to know!


On Wednesday early morning, WhatsApp went downtime for a short span of time and leaving users unable to connect accurately. Users had been unable in sending or receiving messages because of this short downfall.

Whatsapp servers were not working properly concise period of time. However, after some time the service has been restored and now working properly. Many users have reported on Twitter that they had suffered Whatsapp connectivity problem on Wednesday morning between 4 p.m. ET. For a couple of hours, WhatsApp users have been found in trouble while using WhatsApp. This happened because of a brief outage over its network.

Regarding this Facebook-owned application’s spokesperson has stated that ” the internal update has been made over its platform so this brief outage could be happened because of that update”. Additionally, the spokesperson also stated that “we are working on to resolve the issue and apologize for the inconvenience that went through”. Facebook-owned WhatsApp seldom went down and faces connecting server issues. But this time it is a first major down since last year. Last year, WhatsApp goes down along with Instagram and Facebook around for two hours approximately. After two or three hours the service was revived.

Apart from this short fall in connecting the loop of WhatsApp. WhatsApp has constantly made new enhancements to grow their network and provide its users every possible bit. Due to the pandemic, the video conferencing platform becomes the only way to stay in touch with closed and loved ones. Therefore, WhatsApp has upgraded the limit of participants up to 8, earlier it was only 4.

Earlier, WhatsApp Went Downfall in June

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Prior to this issue, WhatsApp had gone down on 19 June. At that time, affected users had to face many issues like last seen visibility, and online status wasn’t working properly. Along with this, privacy settings were also get affected due to that downfall. As per reports by the outage portal, approximately 66% spike has been seen with the last seen status problem.

That means the last seen status was not working properly and accurately. Along with this, a 28% spike has been noted with connection issues. The outage has been seen in Android and iOS devices as well. Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for around $19 billion which then became one of the biggest purchases by the social media giants’. Earlier this year, WhatsApp crosses the 2 billion mark globally and among 2 billion, 400 million users are only from India.