The Revolutionary Teacher Dr. Carl Ownes – Long-term Participant in ADE Program


Apple is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Apple Distinguished Educators. On this occasion, Apple is highlighting the work of Dr. Carl Owens who worked to harness the power of technology. Dr. Carl Ownes, a long-term participant in the ADE program.

Dr. Carl Owens has been educating his students how to empower the potential of technology for 40 years. This year the ADE (Apple Distinguished Educator) program is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Among all the 3000 educators from 45 countries across the world, Dr. Carl Owens has been a part of the program for 25 years.

Over many years in his life, Owens taught thousands of students whether they are at their undergraduates, masters, or PhDs. Owens has never hesitated to distribute his knowledge. He has taught thousands of students and most of them are now teachers who are teaching tens of thousands.

Owens had many students and one of them was Michael Torrence, who was very close to Owens. Torrence, 46 years old when he came to knew about the mission. Torrence was appointed as assistant basketball coach at Tennessee Tech and he ran into Dr. Owens. Dr. Carl Owens suggested that he should stop by his office and talk about his future, and since that day Michael Torrence and Dr. Owens talk daily whether in-person, in-phone, or through text or email. Those talks and conversations changed Torrence’s life and drove him to complete his Ph.D. and helped him to be in his current role which is President of Motlow State Community College which is in Tennessee. Torrence is a completely changed man now. Thanks to Dr. Carl Owens.

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revolutionary teacher Dr. Carl

Owens and Apple – The Long Relationship

Owens has been using Apple’s first product Macintosh since 1984. Apple was not a company that created iPads and iPhones back in the 1980s. But, they have just created computers, that has helped the teachers to be far greater than they meant to be. When this pandemic forced students to stay at home and learn online Tennessee Tech was ready, thanks to Owens 40 years of hard work and vision that has made modern technology the way it is tomorrow.

Owens has always helped and encouraged in working with his students remotely, which includes different places on the campus on different time slots using facetime and other helpful Apple apps. In addition to this, he emphasized the need to use apps like Garageband, Keynote, and iMovie. Owen has said that because of ADE, he has friends internationally and he gonna tell his students that he received calls from all over the world. He will Facetime his students whenever they are ready to learn.

Owens has said that he is proud of every student he has taught. Including Torrence, Beach, and other thousands of students. According to Owens teaching is a noble job and the person who does it is a nobleman.