Everything that you should know about the 64-bit version of Google Chrome


Google Chrome to make a leap from 32-bit to 64-bit of its version. The 64-bit version is going to launch soon for Android with enhanced performance, more secure privacy, and faster results. Here’s what you should know about it.

Tech champ Google is ready to launch the 64-bit version of its Google Chrome browser. This huge step was taken by keeping in mind user preference and providing quality service. Google has always proved its worth in the market. And trying to keep this position in the future. This 64-bit version of Google Chrome can only be compatible with phones having android 10 or up.

If you have an old version of android you should wait for your software update notification. Everybody is excited about the launch of 64-bit of Google Chrome because it gives its users enhanced performance, tighter security, and faster search results. The 32-bit was only converted into 64-bit because Google wants to give more to its consumers and we hope it keeps on doing it and providing use best of the technology available in the market.

Compatibility Details of 64-bit Applications and More

google chrome version detail

Android started using 64-bit processors back in 2014 with Android 5.0 lollipop and Apple mandated 64-bit processors with iOS 11 in 2017. Google has all the power and ability to make a 64-bit application and its architecture. This leak was claimed by the big tech website Android Police. According to them, Google was secretly running a beta test for its 64-bit version and now it’s not a secret anymore.

64-bit version means more data handled simultaneously and you can be done extra with the data. However, in the some apps the difference wouldn’t be so noticeable but absolutely this will increase the productivity, performance, and accuracy of the work. Looking really forward to the switch of Google Chrome to 64-bit in the near future.

Google constantly updates its platforms just to give their users an impeccably working experience. Recently, Google also showed their support with the Indian governments decision to ban 59 Chinese apps in India. Google removed all the 59 banned apps over its platform in India. Prior to this, Google also made updations to its Google Meet by adding more custom background features in terms to overtake rival Zoom. Here, you may read the complete information related to this. Hence, be ready to experience the best ever performance and functionalities of Google Chrome by its new version of 64-bits.

It’s a usual and well-known thing that 64-bit apps run on 64-bit processors and if you want to experience these mega-level apps then you should update your phone or by a new one because these 64-bit applications are the future, the change and as our elders said “change is inevitable” and you have to accept it.