Facebook Will Compensate Users to Deactivate IG & FB Accounts, As a Part of Survey


As Per Reports, Facebook Will Pay Amount to Users to Deactivate the Insta and FB accounts

Facebook decided to deactivate the user’s account in late September for one or six weeks till the US election 2020 wouldn’t get finished. However, Facebook will compensate the users of the United States for deactivating their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Facebook will pay some users around $120 to deactivate their Instagram and Facebook accounts ahead of the 2020 US elections, as per reports. The big tech company declared its new analysis community to finer understanding the impacts of Facebook and Instagram on the political views and actions during the US presidential elections 2020. For the survey, Facebook said it is teaming up with self-governing researchers, who are experts and concentrate on the justice, elections, and social media campaigns. However, the researchers will not be funded by Facebook, and even though they won’t be allowed to say anything to Facebook as well.

As per Elizabeth Dwoskin’s twitter post, the social media giant has asked users how much they will take in exchange for deactivating their Instagram and Facebook accounts. And, in reply to the Dwoskin, Facebook’s spokesperson Liz Bourgeois claimed who opted to do so, would be compensated. Moreover, it is expected that around 200,000 or 400,000 people would be partaking in the survey.

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Prior To This, Facebook Banned the New Political Ads

According to the screenshot which is shared by the Dwoskin, users are being urged to pick $10, $15, or $20 for a week. Moreover, users who are authorized to deactivate their accounts throughout the election will require to take a survey again before re-activating the accounts, as per the screenshot.

Last week, Facebook made the declaration of banning new political ads just to protecting the US presidential election. Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg claims that this initiative will promote the chaos-free elections, and give the official or authenticated information to the peoples.

Apart from the new restrictions, Facebook also mentioned that it would take down the posts from its platform that tries to violate elections rules and norms. And if any posts possess to state that if anyone goes out to vote then they might be infected by the deadly virus COVID-19. The big social media giant claims such discouraging posts will surely be taken down from its platform. More information regarding this will be shared with users at the end of September.