Facebook Create Chat Rooms with Drop-in video to compete Houseparty


Today, Facebook releases chat rooms with Drop-in video feature to compete with its rival Houseparty. It could be a new feature that emerges togetherness in people via video in this lockdown phase. However, as of now, it has been available only English speaking nations and it can be compatible with mobile and desktop.

With Facebook, now you can begin the new video chat room via a new feature named Rooms. You can find this new feature in the above of the notification and news feed section. You have the option to invite your friends and a family member or you can share a link to join your chat room.

As of now, you have the limit up to 8 members but this will increase in the coming few weeks. Well, if the limit will increase then it will become a good alternative of Zoom and Hangouts for big hours meetings. Interestingly, the users will also be able to create room via Whatsapp and Instagram by the web without having an account. You can also lock your chat room for privacy purposes, set it for only invited friends or you can make it available for everyone. Facebook will automatically send notifications about your chat room to your close friends.

Due to COVID-19, online meetings are rapidly emerging all over the world. Facebook’s messengers head Stan Chudnovsky stated, “People just want to spend more good time together”. In this quarantine, people are lockdown in their own homes and they are using many apps to get rid of their boredoms. Facebook is launching the room alongside with few video-related updates. Facebook will not provide direct ads and do not charge any other monetization.

facebook chat room interface

Facebook designed these rooms also to be in the limelight of the digital world in these quarantine days. Facebook has also done it to recover Facebooks other deficiency happened in these days. Facebook will announce a virtual background and 360 backgrounds with more lights according to your mood. With this virtual background feature, the user will be able to set a background according to their mood.

The 360 background makes your picture a smarter one when you move around. This new update also includes an update for Whatsapp and Instagram. That means Whatsapp has extended its video call limit from 4 individuals to 8 individuals. And Instagram allows watching live video from the desktop, yes you’ve heard right. Now you can watch live video from your desktop and also drops a comment over there.

Another amazing feature of Facebook releases – now individuals can hear live audio. That means if you are not able to watch the live video because you are busy doing some work so you can easily listen to the live video as audio. Isn’t it so interesting to hear live video via live audio? Well, Facebook always takes various steps for its user’s benefit and comfort. Recently, Facebook has also invested $5.7B to India’s Reliance Jio for empowering the digital economy of India. The social graph of Facebook is always as high as compared to others. This chat room feature will undoubtedly give tough competition to the Zoom, Houseparty, and other video meeting apps.