Facebook Files a Lawsuit as a Warning Message for All the Platform Abusers


Facebook has sued a New Jersey-based data analytics company, named OneAudience for abusing the platform. The company allegedly paid app developers to introduce a malicious Software Development Kit (SDK) and illegally collect user data from Facebook and such other social media platforms.

Sensing that the privacy of users is at a stake, Facebook decided to take enforcement measures against the data analytics company, OneAudience. At first, it disabled apps, sent the company a cease and desist letter and requested the company to cooperate with its privacy protection policies.

But, when OneAudience refused to budge and participate in an audit, Facebook took it to the court.

Users are now wondering that is this the end of Facebook’s privacy protection endeavors. According to this company’s spokesperson, the company will continue filing lawsuits until the platform abuse completely ends. The official statement from Facebook says “This is the latest in our efforts to protect people and increase accountability of those who abuse the technology industry and users. Through these lawsuits, we will continue sending a message to people trying to abuse our services that Facebook is serious about enforcing our policies, including requiring developers to cooperate with us during an investigation, and advance the state of the law when it comes to data misuse and privacy.”

Thus, this move of Facebook is a message for all the developers that the social media giant won’t spare them if they try to breach its platform policies. Again, Facebook has proved that the users’ privacy is its topmost priority.

Therefore, before thinking about doing any mischievous act that violates Facebook’s platform use policy, do remember this warning message.  And, for more such updates stay tuned with us.