Facebook is lifting the curtain from the Dark Mode Feature for Mobile Users


Facebook is all set to launch the dark mode feature for its mobile users. However, this feature has been already launched in some regions. Now, after this launch mobile users can enjoy facebook’s much-awaited features. Just like the other Facebook attribute’s dark mode feature this dark mode is not only dark the background but also brings a lot more. This dark mode feature also uses the grayscale design with a white outline for highlighting the logos and icons. The company affirmed that as of now, the dark mode feature for mobile users is live for only some sort of users worldwide. 

And in the coming weeks, the company will make it available for everyone across the world.  Prior to this, the company has available the dark mode feature for all of its platforms.  Users would be able to switch to dark mode via the Settings menu. Many of the users who are accessing the dark mode feature are posted the screenshots on Twitter. Moreover, Facebook’s dark mode feature is totally different from its other platforms like Instagram and Messenger. Because it uses other amusing designs just to highlighting the apps and icons. The dark mode feature undoubtedly helps users to reduce illumination, vibrancy, and screen glare. By doing so, it prevents the eyes from the radiants of lights. 

And one more best advantage of the dark mode is – it also saves battery life of the smartphones. The dark mode feature had been released for the desktop users last month as well. Even for desktop users, the dark mode feature hasn’t got completely dark or black but gets dark grey. However, the desktop version is also getting an update just to give the user clutter-free browsing experience. Apart from this, Facebook also claimed that the new version of desktop users is much quicker and, the company makes it very easier and faster for users to find any videos or pictures over its platform. And page transitions loads even way faster. In early April, some reports had suggested that Facebook was under process to develop and test the dark mode feature for its main network on iOS and iPad. 

Facebook’s Dark Mode Feature for Mobile User