Facebook Launches a New App “Venue” for Live Events


Last week has been a big week for Facebook. Because Facebook has released three new apps in the queue. At the start of the week, Facebook had released an app named Collab to overtake TikTok. Afterward, the second app Facebook released is – Catchup an audio calling app. Now, Facebook has kicked off with its third app named Venue to boost the live events.

Facebook’s R&D group, NPE team finally released its third app Venue for engaging fans with live concerts online. By releasing this app, the team said that this is the new impressive way to engage die-heart fans with their stars, artists. Venue app will cope with the impacts that have been imposed due to the pandemic around the world and boost the live streams in a more effective way.

Facebook has released its third app of the week named Venue. Last week will always be remembered as the week of Facebook. Because Facebook has released three apps in a week. Firstly, Facebook released Collab app to combat with Tiktok. Secondly, Facebook released an audio calling app named Catchup to stay connected with the beloved ones. After these two apps, Facebook released the last app of its trio section named Venue for live events.

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I am sure you are all familiar with the recent big hit controversy of YouTube and TikTok. There has been a big fight between the YouTubers and the TikTokers and still going on and on. But let me tell you, there is no comparison between YouTube and TikTok because YouTube has been a huge video platform and always be. Most importantly both the apps are vice-versa to each other. For, fighting with the TikTok, Facebook has released its new app Collab. Collab is just like the video-making or content-creating platform which has the same features just like the TikTok.

Facebook has been constantly growing its technology to help its users to stay in touch with their beloved ones. Now, in the trio section of its app, Facebook has released its second app Catchup a calling app to always be in touch with the loved or closed ones across the world. This time when we are apart from our loved or closed one’s Catchup can help us to stay close with our dearest and nearest ones. After releasing Collab and Catchup, Facebook moves forward for its final path i.e., Venue.

Facebook's Venue

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Venue’s extraordinary screen-sharing experience will overtake Twitter

Facebook’s Venue seems to be a huge challenge for Twitter. On Twitter, Fans use trending hashtags to add their response to the live stream. Similarly, in Facebook’s Venue app fans can be able to give their responses in the live stream to engage with the commentators. In the Venue app, everyone can be able to view all the content or events and can let add their responses as well.

The Venue app will include only popular creators or influencers, like journalists, emerging YouTubers, athletes, and so forth. These popular personalities will conduct the polls and competitions for watchers. These popular commentators will also share their life experiences to inspire others. This platform will give the digital chance to fans to participate in the live events.

NASCAR is the very first sports partner of Venue. Facebook has tested this app yesterday with NASCAR’s supermarket heroes race. It has been assumed that now upcoming NASCAR races will be hosted in the Venue app with the FOX sports commentators Alan Cavanna and NASCAR driver Landon Cassill. Facebook claims that this new platform will offer users a better chance to engage with live events and commentators.

Facebook has announced that this new app draws many big opportunities to engage with the experts and other numerous fans around the world in a better impressive way ever. Especially for the sports admirers, Venue will enhance the second screen experiences.

Though, Facebook hasn’t revealed yet what kind of events Venue will host in the future.  Facebook’s Venue app is on-air for iOS and Android users.