New references on Facebook to manage Community Conversations


Black Lives Matter Movement rapidly spreading everywhere. To navigate this movement Facebook has added new references and tools. With these new tools, you can also manage your community conversations.

Facebook has added new references to discover community conversations. Along with discovering, you can also manage the community conversations. Recently, black lives matter movement has spread all over the world. Many biggest firms have also held the VC forum meeting to share their opinions on the very same. Facebook has always been a platform to discuss everything.

Millions of peoples all over the world reach out there to share or discuss their views about everything. Many page admins are unable to manage these crucial discussions in their community. So, Facebook has pulled the new recommendations to manage the discussions in the communities.

Recently, regarding this LinkedIn had also organized a VC forum meeting to its employees. But, somehow, the meeting turns to be a burning debate because of a lot of differences in the communities and individuals’ thinking. However, LinkedIn CEO has stated that the organization will work on creating a monopoly or equality.

Ways to Engage more on the Community Discussions

By approaching these ways you can engage more in the community conversations.

  • Initially, create room on your admin to start conversations.
  • Afterward, upload any post to start the discussion.
  • Listen to your members for an effective conversation.
  • Always be ready to accept the changes.
  • Create a team to ensures that you support your team always.

engage more facebook community discussions

These are ways to engage more in community discussions. Apart from these recommendations, Facebook also shares some new tools to manage your community. New tools can keep your community members safe all the time.


On topics like racial justice, news tries to set-up announcements to know how your community is approaching. This is a good way to create a spot where all your community members can do work together.

Keyword Warning

The keyword warning tool helps you by notifying you for a particular word. As the keywords are published the admins and moderator gets the notifications. With this keyword, you can keep track of your community members and conversations.


This tool lets you create new rules to manage your community more effectively and accurately. And if you’ve already done this, then it allows you to take a quick review of your rules. And if necessary, it lets you make changes in it.

Live Discussion

Spoken words are easily understandable in comparison to written words. So, this hosting a live discussion tool helps to connect with your members. Via Facebook Live or Messenger Rooms, you can host a live discussion session and raise any issue.


Post Approval option helps you to get the responses from your team members instantly as posts are published. By switching-on the post-approval option, you can be able to get your team reviews timely.

Switch Off the Comments

When you have raised any sensitive topic in your discussion, you’ve needed to pay extra attention to it for a healthy conversation. so, for this, switch-off the comments tool helps you to create a healthy discussion and avoid the burning debate or disputes.

These are the new approaches and tools that let you manage your community. It will also help you to avoid the disputes in the discussion and create a healthy discussion.