Facebook Releases a Worldwide Variant of its Community Help Hub


Coronavirus is spreading all over the world and no one is able to find out its cure, medicines, and vaccination until now. The fear of coronavirus is clearly visible everywhere. The government also takes various decisions to stop the spread of coronavirus i.e., lockdown, curfew, and many other preventive measures. The government also states that those who don’t follow the instructions will be punished according to the government’s act.

In this terrible situation, many organization has come in support by providing all the possible assistance to peoples. Facebook is a big and well-known organization. It is one of those organizations that continuously provides help in making this situation far better. Recently prior to this month, Facebook launched its COVID-19 Information Center and presently it holds the top position of the news feeds, also interact with users by providing official, accurate and reliable information from the global health authorities.

facebook covid19 community help desk

New COVID-19 Community Help Center

During these tragic circumstances, Facebook continuously has taken steps to help people by launching useful apps, websites to stay informed. This time also Facebook took another step by expanding its Community Help Desk as part of COVID-19 efforts. This is the first time ever when Facebook expands its new COVID-19 Community Help Hub across all over the world.

Today, Facebook releases its Community Help Hub all over the world. This is happening for the first time that Facebook releases its community help desk on a global scale. This is also the first time when it is been used for the health epidemic.

The new COVID-19 Community Help Desk will permit individuals to ask or offer help to those who are affected by Coronavirus outburst. This feature will first released in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and France.

Facebook's competitor Nextdoor launches community help desk

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Facebook’s Competitor also Launched the Similar Features App

A similar app named Help Map having the same features was recently launched by Facebook’s competitor Nextdoor but it failed to leave the mark of brilliancy to the individuals.

Partially, the reason behind this is the Nextdoor isn’t making the new expansion as clear as possible, it’s as of now covered in the “More” tab as opposed to being the main focus in an application. Likewise, the Help Map basically permits the individuals to help those who needed.

Facebook’s Community Help Desk, then, expands on Facebook’s previous endeavors with crisis response which associated numerous tools in one place. The COVID-19 Community Help Center highlights can be found inside Facebook’s current COVID-19 Information Center which is accessible in excess of 30 nations.

The COVID-19 Information Center has accessed by more than 1 billion users by providing useful, authoritative information, since its launch. Before its official release, the COVID-19 Information Center first tested in the selected US cities. This presently proceeds as the Community Hub launches over the bolstered markets. However, it will currently exist as its own goal, which incorporates fundraisers. It likewise will incorporate extra categories Baby Supplies, Similar to Food, Toiletries, and Business Support.

Facebook further simplifies that users will have the option to post or remark in reply to posts about contribution help, as either an individual user or as a Facebook Page. Furthermore, both users and Facebook Pages will have the option to share posts on letting others realize what they need. Facebook will soon permit individuals to try to obtain and donate to local nonprofits fundraisers, as per sources from Facebook.

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According to the information from Facebook, the COVID-19 Community Help Desk will release in more countries around the world in the next coming weeks. This initiative is taken by Facebook to help people by providing reliable, accurate information about COVID-19, and this initiative of Facebook is praiseworthy. Every country is fighting against the coronavirus epidemic. To take care of ourselves safety is only our responsibility.  Stay strong, Stay together, Stay at home!