Facebook to take on YouTube by Launching Official Music Videos Section


Facebook is working on expanding its limit and launching the new music video streaming section over its platform. Presently, YouTube is the leading platform for music videos and generating revenues from them as well. Now, Facebook is all set to aim at YouTube directly by launching the official music videos license to its platform next month. Facebook claimed that this music video page has been added with the artist’s official page and for upload their music video on the platform they’ll require to toggle the page and for doing so August 1st is the deadline.

After the deadline, if there’s no action is taken, then, in that case, Facebook itself will take action and create a page for music videos. The new music page will be created as “Artists Official Name”. This page will be noticeable on Facebook Watch for users. And in this place, the new video section will also be designed as well.

Followers of the artists will get hinted whenever the new music video is published on Facebook. Page owners don’t require to process manually for uploading the music videos. Because Facebook will do this automatically and frequently.

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Artist will get control over music videos for editing

add music videos to page

Moreover, it won’t be an artist’s music video only, apparently, even would be where they have been shot it as well. There will be a separate tab for videos where all the music videos will resemble of particular artist’s page. Possibly, the advantage for artists is – they will control their music videos and made editing to the music videos in terms of title, description, and thumbnails. The email which has been sent to the artists’, Facebook explained everything in it. Artist’s Facebook Page would share the video automatically on the page’s timeline. However, you can be able to turn off the automatic sharing option at any time. The screenshot of the email which has been sent to the artists is leaked to Twitter, and where it was augmented by Matt Navarra who is a social media specialist.

According to last year’s Bloomberg reports, Facebook has been in discussions with many big music organizations like Universal Media Group, Sony Music, and Warner Music Group regarding the license for music videos. The big music studios have also been in searching for an alternative to YouTube as claiming that the company doesn’t pay enough. So, now Facebook will be lifting the curtains to its massive platform for music videos with these popular studios onboard.

However, at the initial stage, this will roll out in the US only. With more than 2 billion visitors per month and with uploading every minute more than 500 hours video on its platform YouTube is ruling online free video industry. On YouTube, the music video of big celebs or artists overlooks the most viewed videos as well. This new move of Facebook might dominate YouTube in terms of uploading long videos with productive ads. This new feature might lend the platform more attraction as a video platform and will also offer new online distributors that might be ruled YouTube. Looking forward to seeing how this goes for Facebook.