Facebook Turns Back to its Roots, Introducing Facebook Campus


Facebook Campus focuses on the Daily College-Feeds and Directory!

Presently, due to the pandemic phase when everyone is working from home and students are studying through online classes. It is quite beneficial to introduce more resources and tools for the very same. And, Facebook also steps into this methodology by launching an all-new social network only for college students.

Facebook is turning to its origins with the new college-only social network named Facebook Campus. This is specially designed for college students. Earlier, Facebook has introduced a college-only social network in 2004.

Facebook Campus is a particular social network to the Facebook app which is specially designed for college-going students. Moreover, students can make their Facebook Campus profile separately from their Facebook app. To register on the Facebook Campus, students would require to enter the college email address, graduation year, and so on. But apart from this, the other information regarding the classes and subjects, are optional.

However, the company state that initially, the Facebook Campus will go on board in the US only. Once students created their Facebook Campus profile, then they will have easy access to the college-related feeds and another directory. Here, a directory is a place where the students can be able to find their preferable classes and majors through campus-specific chat functionality.

The Core Features of the Facebook Campus are –

  • Facebook Campus will notify you of every information related to classmates, groups, and events.
  • Students can also make a study group with their classmates and create virtual study sessions.
  • Facebook Campus’s directory feature helps students in finding their classmates, classes, study sessions, and more.
  • Its real-time chat rooms let users ask their doubt instantly.

Initially, the company is releasing the Facebook Campus to selective colleges in the US only. The list includes Brown University, California Institute of Technology, College of William & Mary, Florida International University, Lane College, Rice University, University of Hartford, Wellesley College, Virginia Tech, Spelman College, Northwestern University, and many more.

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Facebook’s Social Network for Students Originally Premiered in 2004

Originally, Facebook for student social network was released in 2004. And presently, it has more than 1.80 billion daily active users. In Facebook Campus, there is no way to create public groups or events, and no one can be able to access the Facebook Campus profile from their regular Facebook account. The Facebook Campus just comes after the release of the company’s last branched in the office stream named debut of Workplace in 2016.

The debut of Workplace, a social network that is focused on enterprise and currently has 5 million daily active paid users. Basically, Facebook Campus is the way to earn the massive following in the younger users once again because nowadays, younger users are excessively using Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media messaging apps than Facebook.