Facebook Wants You to Pay to Embed a Link to Captions on Instagram, the Patent Reveals

Instagram may be planning to charge a fee to put links in captions, patent suggests

Creators, bolster yourselves, as Instagram is thinking about to charge a price to embed links to captions. The new patent application reveals, that whenever the user would add links to the captions, the patent application will show a prompt message that asks for a fee.

Instagram parent company Facebook, initially, presented the patent application in 2016, that reads, when the user embeds a URL to a caption, then, the user have to pay $2 to make the link active. The patent application illustrates how the whole social networking system would work.

If the online social networking system recognizes the text content of the caption incorporates a sequence of link text classifying an address, then the online system indicates the user who is posting to pay a price in exchange for adding a link and making it live as well. Of course, Facebook-owned Instagram has been planning to add paid links.

Instagram planning add paid links

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Do Instagram Creators, Brands, and Other Users Will Ready to Pay?

Undoubtedly, this has longspun been one of the most prominent complaints about Instagram that if you want to embed a link to a product, story, or anything else in your post, then you can’t do so. That’s the only reason that most of the individuals use the “link in bio” way. And only the blue-tick verified users can be able to attach links to their stories.

Facebook-acquired Instagram is the biggest platform for the creators to showcase their talent, even though, for brands as well, to promote their brands. As by time passes, Instagram constantly growing their platform in all possible streams such as an Instagram shop, short-video format, stories, and many more. Recently, a month back, Instagram also released a QR code features that lets you open-up Instagram profile just by scanning a QR code.

Now, the question arises that Instagram influencers, product brands, and other users as well will be ready to pay a link price. If yes, then it would be a no-correct route to generate revenue for Instagram. Though patent applications submitted usually, to come in real it takes a lot of time and sometimes it gets rejected. So, there is no correct time when this feature actually falls.