Facebook’s GrokNet: An Advanced AI for Online Shopping


Online shopping has somehow replaced the traditional shopping. However, when it comes to buying clothes, people usually doesn’t prefer online shops. Not just clothes, people usually avoid to shop products online except electronics, home appliances, and other devices such as mobile phones, laptops, etc. It is because of the manipulation of products that the sellers do with their images. If that not the reason, then it might be that you have not found the exact thing that you are looking for. Maybe the algorithm of that particular platform is not as per your preferences.

These are some of the issues that the buyers and sellers are facing since the origin of online shopping. However, it seems that Facebook has got the solution for these problems. And it is Facebook’s new AI technology for online shopping that also includes GrokNet.

You all are familiar with Facebook. Currently, it is one of the biggest social media platforms. The social media giant also offers its Marketplace where Facebook users or other buyers and sellers can buy and sell various products. To provide an exceptional buying and selling experience, Facebook has developed and established GrokNet on its Marketplace. So, let’s take a look at how this new AI from Facebook can resolve the online shopping problems.

Why GrokNet AI Is Considered As A Solution To Major Online Shopping Problems

The answer is quite simple, just like any local vendor or salesman, GrokNet is smart enough to provide you with the products of your preference. Facebook has played a smart move by deploying the huge database of hashtags into this AI. Along with that, it also keeps on learning the new hashtags and your current preferences. Hence, you do not have to keep searching for a particular product for hours or days. If it is something you prefer, then this AI will provide you with that particular product.

Along with this, it also helps the sellers. The database is so vast that it can identify almost any product with its image and then it automatically enters the suitable tags according to it and as per the preferences of the buyers. In this way, the sellers can reach their buyers more efficiently with the help of this AI on Facebook Marketplace.

3D Viewing And Trying Experience

Along with the GrokNet system, this AI also allows you to have a 3D viewing and trying experience of the products. Sellers can create 3D videos for their products to make buyers understand more about the product.
Despite seeing the product in 3D, some buyers also like to try it before buying. Hence, the AI lets them try products such as clothes, home decor, etc. quite efficiently. It works like 3D mapping and allows the buyers to try clothes virtually. It provides them the feeling that they are actually wearing those clothes and seeing themselves on the phone. Apart from clothes, you can also try the artistic products such as home decor products as per the interior of your house.

That’s not all the AI can offer. There are still many more things that are yet to arrive. If you want to get regular updates about them, then stay tuned with Tech Shouters.