Flipboard pushing the limits of local news coverage for more reach


Flipboard personalized news app had reported in January that it is preparing for extending the limit of news. Flipboard is expanding into the local news. Today, Flipboard is expanding the limits into the local news to cover around 50 cities across the US and Canada. Flipboard added 15 more cities to get the reach.

Flipboard added a new Local tab in the app to view the local news. With this new Local tab now, Flipboard users can be able to link with their local news publications, which includes TV stations, radio stations, college news websites, newspapers, blogs and even a lot more. New regions that are added – Kansas City, San Antonio, Texas, Hartford, Columbus, Oklahoma City, Alberta, Calgary, and so on.

So, as of now, users from these cities can be able to browse the local stories as of their interest like politics, entertainment, crime, traffic, sports, etc. Moreover, Flipboard is also lets the users personalize their local news feed as of their interest subtopics. Flipboard is doing so for the very first time.

Flipboard’s news app is accessed by 145 million users per month. This value has remained stable for many years. So, for increasing the usage of the application the company has decided to focus on local news more. By doing so, Flipboard gives readers more space to easily get local news updates instantly. And especially, this will give a massive boom to local newsrooms, and publication houses to increase their audience absolutely free of cost.

Though, presently Flipboard app doesn’t grant access to paid local news content. Users directly sent to the publisher’s site, where two possibilities occur. Either user gets the approval of free articles or can have to log-in for the articles as a subscriber. This could be a little messy and might send readers to the local publisher’s own app instead of Flipboard. Flipboard also revealed that it would also share the local stories based on the user’s IP address. But also takes care of the user’s privacy, won’t track the location.

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To receive the Flipboard’s most local offering you have the best three options-

  1. Engage with the feed tab to get the local update every minute.
  2. Create your own thought about your city and share it.
  3. Save any story in your own feed magazine.

Flipboard's most local offering options

Passion Picker option helps the user to personalize the local news feed

With the help of the Passion Picker option, users can be able to add points like a favorite sports teams, politics, real state, etc, just by selecting the city. Users can set specific topics on their local news feed to ensuring that they will see only the content of their interest. By doing so, users can be able to personalize their local news feed.

At the time of elections, by setting the election topic on the local news feed, users can be able to track every bit update about the election. However, Flipboard also stated that firstly it will test this on the three big local markets – Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia. The only reason behind this testing is to figure out what type of news users search for. And what type of news can be breaking news? Apparently, Flipboard advertisers will reach out by targeting the user’s interest.