GitHub’s Core Features are now Free for Everyone


GitHub declared today that it is making all its features free for everyone. By this, GitHub makes work a little bit easier for developers. That means GitHub’s private repositories are free with unlimited collaborators for everyone, incorporating teams. Previously using teams can also use this GitHub Free.

Now, anyone can access GitHub’s core code features as it is making private repositories free for everyone with unlimited collaborators. Prior to this announcement, if any company wants to use the development platform for the company’s private development, then they had to buy any of Github’s paid plans.

But after this declaration, now they won’t need to buy any of the paid plans. According to GitHub’s methodology, every programmer should have the right to get access to its developer platforms and that paid plans should not be a hurdle to approach.

GitHub incorporated is the United States-based company, It provides software development version control using Git. GitHub has opened the way for all the programmers, developers, coders for ease of programming by making GitHub core functions free for all developers. GitHub has many features that make it very convenient for programmers to make programs. GitHub provides following features-

1. GitHub provides CI/CD functionality to automate workflow and save time.

2. GitHub helps developers to code in a secure environment and keeps their projects safe and secure to use afterward.

3. GitHub helps its user to review its code for any errors that may have been ignored while making the program.

4. GitHub assists developers through its applications and these are apps are as following:

  • GitHub Desktop
  • GitHub Extension for Visual Studio
  • GitHub Learning Lab
  • GitHub for Mobile

5. GitHub provides hosting services for its users by which developers can host their programs and documents worldwide.
6. GitHub provides project management tools for managing projects of its users.

Now, teams are able to manage all their work on the single spot featuring CI/CD, project management, code reviews and more. Although, teams will need to access more pro functions such as code owners.

GitHub has tweeted about this, “Today we’re announcing free private repositories with unlimited collaborators for teams with GitHub Free, and reducing the price of our paid Team plan to $4 per user/month. All of the core GitHub features are now free for everyone.”

GitHub reducing the paid team plans

GitHub Reducing the Paid Team Plans

Every association and person who are using GitHub free plan can also receive the assistance of GitHub Community Support. GitHub Pro’s monthly subscription price has now decreased to $4. GitHub Pro has now offered 2 GB to storing data and 10 GB to transferring packages.

GitHub Team’s monthly subscription has also decreased to $4 and now there is no requirement of minimum seats. And one of the biggest advantages for the GitHub Team is- after 14 May it also includes 3000 action minutes per month for private repositories. During this tragic situation, this will help developers who are doing work from home and also consumes less-time.